Monstrously Monstrous Monsters…or just men?

For ever I have championed the “It’s just socialization” narrative, I wish I could say that I still do. The world is just too fucking awful and men are ever the common denominator in it’s hardships and evils. How long have we existed, always warring and raping? It has been and probably always will be.  I’ve seen enough and have had enough and am ready to put all options on the table (Ha, not really my choice…) or rather support some things I previously found “hateful” And yet…support is something that isn’t easy considering.
I’ve been reading a whole lot lately, in detail, truly trying my best to absorb the works of bloggers Witchwind, Trustyourperceptions, Sinbigger, Femonade, along with revisiting the SCUM MANIFESTO…and other than that initial NUH UHHHHH! There are truths in each. At least they seem to be and have a better explanation than socialization.

So what I’m going to do here is be as honest as possible in regards to the reality that I am a man…and if these blogs are correct…that means I’m a parasitic, mutant and necrophilliac being. Which, is ALOT for me to take in. One would say…you can’t take it personally, but like…When we get down to the very building blocks on my body how can I not and how could I be expected not to? Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all murderous incel/mra about it.  I think if we better understand what maleness is the better we can make earth. One thing is concrete here though, the less people who share this body type that I am, the better.  I don’t care for kids, and really don’t see how others can bring them into this dying planet and all of it’s horrors ( Again, thanks brothers, I know.) but the birth of males is especially detrimental to the future of all species.

I support/ implore men, especially men who claim to be allies of women, to cease PIV, both for her sake and to end the chances of having a boy.

Now I did say I would be honest…and I will be.
Do I feel dead, or in love with death? No. I think death is a part of life, and I miss ppl, I think it’s terrible when people go out spending their last moments in pain, or worse horror. I know I can not create life, but I don’t understand how I play into necrophilliac maleness…
Now if I’m to go to SCUM…animalism. What is that? Sex drive? *Blushes* I uh….Oh fuck it, yes, my sex drive is insane and distracting and has been since I turned 12 years old. I could live the rest of my life out just in a orgy (gay orgy mind you.) and die a happy man. I have concluded women do not share this hornyness.  If they did they would be as pervy as men are, and they are not. Anyway….thoughts? This was short I know but I’d love to continue this conversation in the comments. I’m especially interested in hearing from other men who accept this reality, women who believe this to be the case…people on the fence even….but as for naysayers? No. Something is wrong with men and it’s time to admit it.

24 thoughts on “Monstrously Monstrous Monsters…or just men?

    • It is personal though, I can’t disengage from that. Hyperbole though? where? I’m honstly trying to start a dialogue in good faith and agreeing, but still questioning a few things. I mean no offense by this post, or in anyway want to upset anyone.

  1. Hyperbole is evident for me in words like “Monstrously monstrous monsters” and “I am a parasitic, mutant and necrophilliac being”
    Your denying it surprises me.
    As for personalising, you cannot have a valid discussion of men’s harmful behaviours by tying it as closely as you do to your emotional reaction to such hyperbolic judgments.
    Whatever your intent, you give the impression of being emotionally hurt by caricatures… but these are of your own making.
    Try to do better.
    Have you read John Stoltenberg’s “Refusing to Be A Man”?

  2. @ Abilossimo: ‘Cis’ is writing in the trail of Solanis, I think any perceived hyperbole is acceptable as she would be the first to agree, whole-heartedly, with Monstrously Monstrous Monsters. And I am not far behind her.

    I am glad to see this topic raised. I have views, but I am more interested at this point in what men do think about their 8,000-plus-year-old propensity for violence, destruction and exploitation.

    And speaking of exploitation, Stoltenberg… yeah, the man with complete access to Andrea Dworkin’s extensive library of seminal feminist writers and physical control over all her writing, notes, personal letters, and the many, many hours during which he picked clean the mind of a brilliant woman in a very vulnerable situation. Seems to me, he was very much Being A Man, with no Refusing in sight.

  3. on sex drive> have u read my Dead to Me post? until recently , i thought my hormones’d drive me to distraction. i was feverish twice a monthly cycle & during hot weather. and considering that i pulled out the lucky ticket looks-wise,it hit harder that my opportunities were boundless. but alas, my easily disgusted nature kicked in there too.

    but guess what, buddy?…I’m a lowly female, bred to sit on my every impulse for posterity, for safety from males+breeding, & i also have this thing called ethics. i’m also sick as hell & have been since conception (like min. every 2nd young lady these days)

    if i had the sort of simplistic ‘pumping &dumping” urge, which u lot do>>>i wouldn’t call it a sex drive.frankly, it’s so primitive that it’s nothing to blush about.

    it’s also not a het sex drive,when it has no inclination towards the natural XX body. if our bodies must be stripped &modifed out of every inborn feature to be screwable~It’s either a giant pile of gaslighting, or :
    No man is truly Het

    women’re kept only a fraction alive(like Sin said} & takes SO MUCH resource to try & get back to normal female instinct. we have no flipping clue how any of us would behave sexually without mens’ lead boots stomping on us. it’s like a Gestapo>just enough violence [+news about it}
    to keep half the populace perpetually afraid ….of breathing funny, let alone being lewd

  4. so u can’t assume ANYTHING about our drives ~resulting in certain actions. we’re a domesticated animal & even our thoughts aren’t wholly free

  5. but it is true that we wouldn’t be chasing men&boys around for some recreational PiV, or any sexual contact really. like Trust wrote: semen is DEADLY& men ‘re volatile. u can’t ever even relax with them without Red alert! @ back of your head.

    I’ve engaged in plenty of perving via celebrity crushes back in my dark ages of giving 2 hoots about the Hetero world. It’s the only way it was safe & not stressful& removed from directly misogynistic.

    What girls’re brainwashed into interpreting as “Dating & 1st time jitters”~~~~is their Get away from Danger! instinct kicking in powerfully

    women still control themselves while giving birth!!!! that degree of repression every moment of every day makes us ill&broken down, while still rather young.

    i miss the days before i saw the light about all this. i could still relax &not calculate for danger in every miniute situation involving Xys.i was yet deluded that “medicine”&”disabled services” could really help&i left nuclear behind when i left my homeland.

    AS for u seeing it too~ best thing such unicorn men can do is: ..Remove themselves off the grid &far away from females.1 man did this over here: lives out in the bush with a terribly formerly mistreated rescue girl-dog
    Work on female-only reproductive tech

    it’s funny that men’re so terrified of castration, ..and yet it makes them somewhat human. look up the testimonies of chemical castration for prostate cancer.

  6. how can anyone look back at the gigantic history of atrocities against female sexual urge&claim that women would show their horniness if they had it????//!!!

    Witchhunts; stoning, body anxiety till u’re crawling out of ur skin&mind; hysteria; masturbation stigma, talking stigma; feminist stigma; +deep down resistance to male harm. I call it a Rape adaptation

    +all the Porn, porn ,porn.& knowledge of men refusing to do anything else to please u without the mighty dick as a ticking time bomb in ‘foreplay”.

    Women’s drive is channelled into the worldwide industries of telenovelas; romance novels ;self-pleasure; celebrity . or just nothing when they come to their senses

    “necrophilia””=not feeling holistic, sensual Life & spinney cleverness. men take drugs & do adrenaline rushes to try to get there. for women, in their natural state_it’s just normal existence. but i suspect that most spend significant portions of their lives too sick&traumatised by men …to feel that state fully, or even significantly. I know that i lived on a male-pretend shut-down due to prolonged trauma&brain damage for a LONG time.

    and boy, was .it EMPTY….it was like being a walking was painless too however” not much empathy,relentless libido,no nature appreciation. &certainly NO overwhelming yearning for pre-historic female connection, no extreme boredom with the male world

  7. Hello.
    I am an intersex female (CAH) who passes as a male in my daily life. I am very dominant and have a massive “need to orgasm” drive (but only to be the dominant partner mind you, I would sooner die than be penetrated, that delivers pain, not pleasure, and certainly not orgasm). I have spoken to many males and believe my libido is like theirs.

    The difference is that I can only obtain orgasm through humping my “orgasm organ” against an object or person. Unlike males, it is not big enough to slam into a female’s internal organs, causing pain, irritation, the feeling of invasion, STIs, and pregnancy. If it magically grew to penis-size, I would not WANT to inflict this suffering on a female, even if she (like most women) have been gaslit, socialized, and coerced into not only accepting it as “sex”, as “necessary”, as “empowering”, as “an important part of a relationship” or has even convinced herself that she “likes it” because it means dood loves her/its the only time dood touches her/she feels sexxxay b/c he “wants” her/if he doesn’t do it then he’s cheating/etc etc.

    That’s the difference. Not horniness, not testosterone (my levels are that of a normal MALE mind you). It’s having an organ that makes him feels the awesomest when it is inflicting damage on a female. Men don’t have to use female bodies to jerk off; they can use their hands or a mincemeat pie or a million other objects and have their orgasm and be satisfied. But that’s not enough for them because while the orgasm is necessary (as it is for me), it is not sufficient for them. This is because it’s not just the orgasm they seek, it’s the orgasm and the sadism of conquering and invading the female body combined, and knowing that not only that he can hurt/is hurting her, could impregnate/is impregnating her, but also that she couldn’t stop him no matter what if he chose not to. The heterosexual male sex drive is by its nature sadistic.

    Society aids and abets this. As a boy he sees girls as inferior and pathetic, thinks they are pointless. Then, once he goes through puberty, his disgust is joined by lust and he then realizes what females are “for”–to be his sex toilet.

    He thinks they are disgusting and inferior Others who therefore arouse him. You, like all homosexual males, see them as disgusting and inferior Others and therefore DON’T arouse you. Again, this comes down to penis. The lack of penis to both straight and gay men means an inferior subhuman. The straight man’s disgust and hatred is their form of lust; he uses his penis to jam the woman’s internal walls apart (it is not a “hole” contrary to patriarchal belief, the walls touch each other unless there is a rapist or fetus involved) and then pours salt into the wound he has created by thrusting against organs and delicate internal tissues, often causing lacerations, cervical bruises, and urinary infections even in the absence of other STIs. The gay man’s disgust is his form of anti-lust; it becomes lust for what the subhuman creature is missing: penises, and secondarily the men attached to them.

    Men as a whole love GENITALS, not people, and what those genitals (and other orifices) can do for their dicks (or dicks and prostates if one is a gay bottom or switch).

    This is why lesbians have nothing in common with gay men, and why female people don’t have casual sex 24/7 with each other like gay men. We don’t have an organ that can be slammed up in anyone for an easy hands-free orgasm whenever. we’ve also either had the displeasure (or know someone who has) of the non-orgasmic, invasive, and unpleasant at best and life-destroying at worst, of what it’s like to be at the business end of the slamming, so even if we grew ’em and had the orgasm-drive for it (not “sex drive”, because only for men does sex mean orgasm), we would just masturbate, not wanting to FUCK a woman over.

    Therefore I believe that the only way men would stop raping is to mandate that all boy babies born from today on has surgery immediately after birth so that their penises are shortened to the length of an intersex female with clitoromegaly, that is a size that is not long enough to penetrate. When all the males alive have the unable-to-rape penises, not only will rape end but perhaps with a lack of “heads I win tails you lose” genital discrepancy, males will stop seeing females as inferior subhumans and then developing their lust or anti-lust based on this fact.

    The other idea I have is more reformatory than revolutionary. I doubt it would work, but it would involve a “third sex” designation in society of unpenetrable, un-impregnable females (who have had surgery to this end) and penis-cut-down-to-size males who are deemed untouchable by the big mean dicks, and protected by some governing force. This is every bit as unlikely as cutting down dick size, but as it is limited to the self-selecting it is unlikely to be as opposed. Of course, this would only help the limited number of females who volunteer. And most importantly, it wrongly places the burden on harmless females to undergo surgery when it’s men who do the raping.

    Tl;dr: it’s not “horniness” that’s the problem, it’s the organ that uses “horniness” and other excuses to invade, torture, and parasitize the corresponding organs of those born sans penis. Ensure that penises are not rape-size while not destroying the male capability to orgasm, and rape disappears. With a lack of rape and no more obvious genital “haves” and “have nots” and females stop being despised by males and each other.

    • Interesting perspective for sure. I can’t say I agree with you on all points- namely male homosexuality. I will admit that I enjoy having a penis but I have no desire to inflict harm with it… I also have never thought of women as inferior, when I was young I tried to feel sexual toward them but just could not. I still in general preferred their company to that of other boys and I can say that I still do. However I do find your ideas and thoughts intriguing and welcome you to further dialogue here! Thank you for the comment!

  8. Everything Kaguya said, plus horniness doesn’t equal pervyness. Men are just pervs. Female sexuality is a beautiful art form and we have respect and care for other people that men generally lack. I saw the other day somewhere online a dude saying how women shouldn’t wear revealing clothes because “men get so horny and can’t control themselves, blah blah blah..” and he said how when he sees an attractive woman wearing short shorts he just wants to pull them down and “jackhammer” her. That sounds disgusting and rapey, not sexy. Those seem to be typical male thoughts, just like an animal, that can barely be called a thought but more like a very primitive instinct.

    • Ok, this… it is a primitive instinct. I’ve admit to seeing cute guys and feeling the same, but also having a yearning to be “jackhammered” as well. The gyrating , pelvic thrusting motion is something that is in no way learned, that is innate, so the urge is there. ( women do this too, right? Like I’ve known a girl who gyrate a little on her chair during school, but she was mentally challenged and had no filter of any sort.) What I can not imagine though, is wanting to do that against a guys will. I truly do not understand why men rape or want to rape.

      • “I truly do not understand why men rape or want to rape.”
        This is the problem.
        The challenge is to both understand this will and oppose it. Negating it doesn’t wash.

      • “Martin are you saying that you identify something inside yourself that wants to rape???”
        Absolutely. Like 90% of men,I have been conditioned by pornography and its ultra-liberal mindset that made power over others the main thrill of sex. I see this as culturally-induced rather than biological, but it is definitely inside myself and it’s a long battle to root it out, especially when men assert that it just can’t be.

      • And that is why it is best for women to just stay the hell away from men and let them figure out their own rapey problems without any women to inflict them on. But an “ultra liberal mindset” sure as hell isn’t the reason why men rape. Men all throughout time and place weren’t taught liberal thinking and they manage to do the same things everywhere at all times. Male biology is just fucked up and dangerous. I do believe some men just don’t have these rapey impulses though and struggle to understand them too. But I think they are in the minority with how many men think rape is such a fun time.

        It’s like women live in a completely different reality having to deal with men’s rapeyness. They see it as sexy fun times or a joke. To me it’s the empty defeated look on my friend’s faces and sound in their voices after they were raped and telling me about it or the thought of them almost dying when a couple of them slit their wrists afterwards. And it’s the icy cold feeling running through my veins coupled with overwhelming nausea that I feel whenever a man slowly and silently follows me and watches me while I’m trying to take a walk or run errands and I wonder if this man’s about to ruin my life or just rape me completely to death. Anyone who finds any of this appealing has something fucked up to begin with. You can’t teach someone to do something contrary to their nature, except maybe in very extreme circumstances from a lifetime of abuse. I feel sick just from the thought of doing something like littering and go around picking up a bunch of asshole’s garbage that they throw everywhere.

      • Yep it is super scary. I’d rather have men admit it though than try to deny reality. I do believe that is correct that the vast majority have the urge to rape to some degree. It certainly could be 90%. If I’m being more hopeful maybe I’d say 75%. It’s obviously biological because it’s always the same throughout place and time. Men as a group do exactly the same things and it doesn’t matter how much any individuals vary because it all adds up to the same thing.

        You said you think maybe you have a hormone problem because you are more empathetic than most men. Well a man being exclusively gay is a hormone solution not a problem. They’ve done studies where they found that a woman having several male children will be more likely to have a gay son after a couple straight ones. It’s the female body trying to protect women by lessening the male attention and thus the violence by changing up the genetic makeup of the sons. I forgot the specifics of what they found out from the study, if it was just lower testosterone or what.

      • I’d like to think of gay men as somewhat of a cure. Still we fall short way too often in how we treat women as a group of people.
        That’s a cool theory, but would not apply to me as I’m the eldest of my moms two boys and my younger brother is very heterosexual. I may have low T yeah, but have not ever went to check it because they would want me to take shots to boost it I’m sure and IDK… I feel like I have all the Testosterone I need.

      • Yes the sexual urge is there too but it is far more primitive in men. Women need more mental and physical stimulation where as it’s just like this very mechanical thing with men where all that is there in their head is “jackhammering.”

        Even being with a guy doing a good job to please you, it’s still probably going to be too dick focused because that’s all you guys think about.

      • I mean I get what he’s saying about not understanding the urge to rape. I understand the biology of it fairly well how a lot of men have such compulsive behavior to spread their sperm that they act like monsters to do it and I understand that men have been allowed to be as horrible as they want for a long time without consequences. But trying to actually picture the mindset of a man wanting to just hold someone down and rape them? I can’t do that. How can you actually understand someone’s mind other than yours who is doing something you find abhorrent?

        I don’t understand a lot of things people do. I don’t know why so many are such assholes or why they do any shitty thing really. I can understand reasons behind it, but I’ll never understand the mindset.

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