I will Be on Transition Radio Tonight live at 9pm Mountain time.

Looking forward to it, I will post the link to the video of it here after the fact as well.

Tonight live at 9 PM Mountain time Transition Radio Industries presents: Real Talk With The Cummings, Special Guest Justin Allen Norwood

Event Page: https://plus.google.com/events/cuqcg0athmab3pe9nbpgulk2650
Watch live by clicking here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJpmJXd1ZT0

Guest page on our website: http://www.transitionradio.net/justin_norwood.html

Text Or Call In Your Questions live @ 575 519-5930

2 thoughts on “I will Be on Transition Radio Tonight live at 9pm Mountain time.

  1. hey you! enjoyed the video….and although I am very happy finally achieving the right hormonal balance (hated T right thru puberty) and development to the extent possible post puberty, I realized that, as I did say long ago (years?) we do agree on many points (non-violence, autonomy, patriarchal abuse, and my favorite gender expression liberty for EVERYONE because as I say beauty is for all genders, including those in-between the polarity. Gosh, I hope that as a community, we’ve learned NOT to be brash, confrontational, abrupt, etc (I always thought it was isolated to a few on both “sides” but apparently not) because as you did say we are ALL gender nonconformists and dare to defy gender expectations. I suppose being bisexual my perspective is broader, and keeps me from ever (although I write “passionately”) reaching a point of real hatred toward the LGB since it would seem deservedly reciprocal. Cheers! Oh, I had checked out my old WP blogs and saw you on them which led me to this video. The trans man is funny, witty, and I really enjoy listening to his candor, honesty—-he’s just a heck of a good guy overall.

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