Jim Fouratt

For a few months I’ve tried to arrange an interview with Jim Fouratt of the Stonewall Riots, and one of the founding member’s of The Gay Liberation Front, to no avail. We talked about it, but he never got back with me on the topic of an interview and the last thing that I want to be is one of those annoying people who badger others. Jim and I are facebook friends, which is an honor in it’s self, to be privy to his insights on a matter of topics. From unfiltered truths about the reality of what happened at the Stonewall riots, to the dangers of new HIV suppressant drugs such as prEP and Truvada, Jim always has something sensible to say, which is a growing rarity in the mainstream LGBTQ+ community, and as such Jim Fouratt is a controversial figure.

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Included in this post are links to interviews, as well as FB screenshots of Mr. Fouratt’s own words on a few topics. I feel Jim is especially important as a homosexual male figure to look up to in a world full of Dan Savages.

Jim Fouratt on the concept of gender & gender identity:


Jim Fouratt on trans children and bathroom access:


Jim on homophobic and lesbophobic Trans activism :


Here is a link to a long interview that was conducted with Mr. Fouratt in 2006 from the ACT UP oral history project:


The Faces of Jim Fouratt:


Here is Jim’s appearance on the Popular “The Colbert Report” where he credits a lesbian woman really starting The Stonewall Riots despite the popular Sylvia Rivera myth. According to Jim and other gays and lesbians present, Sylvia wasn’t there the first night of the riots, but played a smaller role than what is historically reported.:


Additional interviews:




Jim interviews Barney Frank:

As stated Jim’s positions have caused outrage in the community, most notably are the accusations of transphobia because of Mr. Fouratt’s no non-sense approach. Here are some articles written by raged detractors. These articles are not endorsed by this blog, but are being posted as evidence of what happens when one strays from the current “politically correct” format on discussing gender and gender ID:



Thank you Jim for being a hero and an inspiration!


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      • You need to woman up, accept reality, buy yourself some dresses and hit the hormones before it’s too late petal. See you in another couple of years, sweetie, I wonder how much more bitter you’ll be by then.

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