Seemingly the word “homosexual” is becoming known as an offensive term, as most people are now using “gay” and “lesbian” to describe themselves, and of course there is “Queer” which is becoming very accepted in circles.  I don’t mind “gay” at all, I use it about as often as I use homosexual actually, but isn’t it just a synonym for homosexual? “Lesbian” is unique in specifying the sex of the homosexual person as female, so in this conversation that word is the wild card.

I’ve heard the complaints about the word, how it’s cold and pathologizing, to which I agree and disagree. I see trans activist make the same complaints about biological sex, to which I also roll my eyes. Yes, it’s clinical, it’s a scientific term, as such one I find amoral. the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM in 1973, stating that “homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgment, stability, reliability, or general social or vocational capabilities.” After it’s long campaign to “cure” the homosexual. I understand how some could associate the word with a pre 1973 world. I also understand that the word is still popular with our main detractors, the religious conservatives. But none of this comes OF the word, it’s just a part of the words history. The word, like who we are as gays and lesbian, isn’t the problem, the problem has simply been built around both, and as we’ve seen, with any new descriptor we label ourselves with, the stigma is bound to follow. “That’s so gay” anyone?


I suppose one of the things I find most offensive about making the term “homosexual” an offensive term is that the word “Queer” has become so popular and held in such a high regard. Why the double standard here? I find “Queer” to be infinitely more offensive than “homosexual”. It’s an umbrella term (filled with *many* sparkley heterosexuals.) that is a derogatory slur in use today, but our knees want to jerk at an accurate scientific label? I mean…is part of why it’s offensive in 2015 is that it relies on the concrete reality of biological of sex? That the mainstream LGBTQ movement finds that concept  archaic? SMH! Homosexual FTW!

One thought on “HOMO

  1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head–people don’t want to hear that sex is biological or that there are only two of them. (If you run an intersexed person’s chromosomes you’ll find they still fit into the “at least one Y” versus “no Y” binary.) I keep having to explain to people that you can’t actually be a male lesbian because lesbians are females attracted to other females–that on a biological sex level a MTF is still a man. Oh, they don’t wanna hear that. Oh, it’s so offensive. Gender is biological and sex is a social construct. Right, I *made up in my head* the egg cell I produced used to create my daughter. Sure I did.

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