Fagdom Is My Religion

Recently there have been a number of “religious liberty” laws that have sprung up virulently from Indiana to Arkansas, vowing to protect religious freedoms. Ok, I’m for protecting religion and religious institutions from government control. In that sense I agree with religious freedom and as I understand that there is actually a federal law that protects religious freedom in all 50 U.S. states. So then we must ask…why is that needed at the state level? I’m actually not a big “states rights” person despite (and maybe because of.) living in Texas. We are the United States of America and as such I think cohesiveness is a certain positive when it comes to the law of the land.

I’ve yet to actually see where any relevant religious freedoms have been attacked in the context that I understand religion freedoms could be attacked. I believe all citizens should be able to practice their faiths freely and fairly without government intervention. This is what religious freedom means to me…to be able to have your personal faith and ideas be protected from government imposition. So…let’s get down to the issue at hand, and that’s the potential consequences to women and LGBT people, and even to interracial couples. For example growing up my grand parents would often cite how the Tower of Babel was a device used by God to keep the races apart, that the Devine wanted us divided. To most rational people this sounds like utter non-sense, but people that hold this line of thinking do very much exist. And relgious people are especially concerned with homosexuals. In defense I think we need to see some religions that mandate homosexuality, I could dig that. Fagdom is my religion, now fucking protect it.


The current narrative where this religious freedom argument is concerned in mainstream media is that of the wedding industry with Gay and Lesbian couples being denied service from bakeries, flourish,photographers and venues. The denial, of course being on religious grounds, these business are simply expressing their faith when they deny a homosexual couple the goods they are there to capitalize off of. And you know what? I really don’t mind that in theory. I think that if it where something sincerely corner stone to their faith that they didn’t want to be a part of…so be it. Where is the tolerance of the LGBT community for sincere religious objection? My problem now is with the double standard between heterosexual “sin” and homosexual “sin”. These businesses in the wedding industry indiscriminately lend their services to people who are entering into their 2nd, 3rd and so on marriages. Last time I checked that counts as unrepentant adultery in spades, adultery being addressed in the ten commandments, thus it is somewhat elevated in terms of sin. But no…It’s just the gays we must worry about and treat like shit. This is where the fact that this is a smokescreen for anti-gay bigotry becomes glaringly apparent.

A few days ago a Pizzeria in Indiana was asked by reporters covering Indiana’s religious liberty law. They agreed to answer the questions asked giving the answer they must have known would publicized and that it would ┬ábe controversial. They said they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding if asked (How tacky though right? Pizza for a wedding??). I can’t feel sorry for people who pretend to be victims. I don’t feel sorry that the story spread, I don’t feel sorry that people flooded their FB and down voted their ratings on Yelp and other review cites. I don’t feel sorry that their public opinion is open to public opinion. But there is something that makes me sick in all of this backlash…and no, it’s not that the business owners reaped about 1 million dollars from donations of other bigoted people. It’s that the LGBTQADCWTF movement is full of nut jobs who need to be in prison for their actions. The pizzeria was subject to threats of arson, and the owners and their families a target for several threats of violence including death threats. I’ve not seen ANY mainstream gay organizations call out this reprehensible behavior. It’s imperative that we start doing so before we morph into a political juggernaut via terrorist behavior. And to be honest when I see every person who expresses an anti-gay sentiment, small business owner, celebrity, politician, or doctor face this kind of back lash I sadly feel like we are already there.