Gay man to gay man: An Open Letter to Owen Jones.


I’ve previously read a some of your work, admittedly not taking much notice either way. However your inflammatory article, misrepresenting what actually took place at Stonewall by crediting trans people for gay rights, piqued my interested. So did the anti-female, and yes, anti-gay allegiances that you have made in the name of “progress” on trans issues, and refusal to engage in any discourse that questions that, and by default your ideology on the topic.

It baffles me how any gay man, a man who claims to be be homosexual, a man who states that he is exclusively attracted to other men (and by that we both know “men” means other biologically male people.) can stand firmly with the proponents of a political agenda that essentially discredits any merit being in biological sex, often going as far as to posit that it doesn’t even really exist (And by doing so erasing homosexuality. Hello…you can’t have “same sex attraction” if sex doesn’t exist.), while at the same time celebrating “gender” which is widely known as an oppressive social construct primarily applied to women. Gender holds people back, not biological sex, and I think that you will find most of these people that you have labeled “transphobes” are feminist, lesbians, and a small percentage of gay men and gender critical trans activist who simply know that biology is a reality. And let’s not be coy, as a gay man you also know that biological sex is a reality, and if you don’t…then may I ask why you’re even calling yourself a gay man??? I mean, if sex doesn’t mean anything why are defining any part of yourself by it? Ask a trans activist, Owen, if you’re a bigot because you’re solely sexually/romantically interested in male people and I promise you that you will be told that yes, indeed you are.  Homosexuality is being framed as bigotry and there you are smiling and nodding away, but I’m not sure if you’re grasping what’s being said. If you have then right now you’ve drawn a line in the sand. You’re no friend of women (female people), Lesbians (Yes, also female people)  or other gay men.

This is the ideology that you’re supporting, this is the homophobia you’re supporting:

10565252_10152656612984073_6660254136364614641_n Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.19.16 PM

Here you are being buddy buddy with a trans woman who told lesbians to suck their formaldehyde picked balls, and declaring that you’re becoming a militant soldier for gender:
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.16.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.17.05 PM

So tell me again…how are you an ally to female people? How are you an ally to your homosexual brothers and sisters? And once more…why even call yourself gay? Let me tell you why Owen, It’s because sex matters and we both know it.

Justin Norwood
Proud homoSEXual


9 thoughts on “Gay man to gay man: An Open Letter to Owen Jones.

  1. I am so glad that someone wrote this, and of course it was you, brilliant as always. This guy is an obvious mysogynist. How he had the cheek to write ‘men must embrace feminism – without stealing it’ in one of his pieces and then all this behind the scenes disgusting behaviour which is anything but embracing of feminism. His palling up with angry transwomen to bully and pour venom on lesbians and feminists who have the audacity to hold a different view, has really been pissing me off. I despair of the Guardian for giving him airspace. If a woman was doing what he’s doing on Twitter- she’d be sacked and no platformed on any other topic too. What a load of formaldehyde balls.

    • The Guardian give him space for the same reason that Independent put up with Johann Hari even after they knew about his plagiarism; Hari did of course play the double-minority card, Owen only one of course.

      Excellent article btw.

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