Owen Jones @OwenJones84 & Gay Male Complicity in Gay & Lesbian Erasure (UK)

Gay men and lesbian women need to wake up to the erasure that’s being forced upon us.

Gender Identity Watch


Owen Jones is a gay man who writes for the Guardian. He has written this op ed that many gay men, lesbians and feminists found objectionable. He did not engage with any of this criticism on Twitter. Rather, he decided to simply block these people on Twitter and pretend that the criticism does not exist. Here are the tweets we sent to him. None of these tweets are abusive. He did not answer a single one. He blocked us nonetheless.

In his op ed, he relies on UK anti-feminist Roz Kaveney, who was certainly not at Stonewall and was living life as a heterosexual man at the time, to “inform” Jones that trans people started the Gay rights movement.

10353121_531469210298365_3209094896304165834_nThis is commonly known as the Transgender Creation Myth. The Transgender Creation Myth has been debunked by actual participants at Stonewall, including Jim Fouratt.

As for Sylvia Rivera, she knew who…

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4 thoughts on “Owen Jones @OwenJones84 & Gay Male Complicity in Gay & Lesbian Erasure (UK)

  1. Colonizers always rewrite history, and this is just another example of it. Not only are they rewriting history, they are in the process of redefining homosexuality itself. I argue that redefining homosexuality itself is homophic on its face. For example, many transwomen (biological males) are now calling themselves “lesbian”, and they are starting to say “cis lesbian” and “trans lesbian”. There is no such thing as “cis lesbian”. There are only lesbians, and lesbians aren’t born with a penis. Biological males will NEVER experience sexual pleasure the way women do even if they undergo sex reassignment surgery.

    Resist the co-option and colonization of lesbian and gay identity and history.

  2. I write as a UK faggot. Roz Kaveney is one of the usual suspects. She (I’m not afraid of pronouns) is widely regarded there as a woman and, believe it or not, a feminist. He is highly articulate and educated. I would hesitate to go into a head-to-head argument with him, and would certainly do all my research before doing so.

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