Your Gender Identity Just Doesn’t Mean Anything.

“Gender identity” is a misnomer, it would be better phrased as personality or sense of fashion and aesthetic. Of course, as many trans activist have righteously pointed out to me that what I’m referring to is “gender expression”, not “gender identity” and then fail to cite a discernible difference. The truth is, gender identity simply doesn’t exist despite what a patriarchal society desperately wants you to believe, and I understand many of you do believe. It’s easy after all to think certain qualities are exclusive to male or female people when we live in a world that’s so invested in the programming of gender. From birth many children are surrounded by an environment that is suppose to represent that child’s biological sex. The boy and his blue room with cars and the girl and her pink room with dolls and it goes from there, spiraling out into insidious directions. This is nothing short of indoctrination, it’s a wicked system and nothing to celebrate and certainly nothing to build an identity around.

In 2014, it is PC to not question anything, to have nothing in the way of a class analysis or critical thinking skills, everything is off limits. While I believe in free speech, I do also understand that “free speech” just means that fines or other legal penalties can’t be imposed by the government. Being silenced or shut down in other forums is not an imposition on free speech, it’s just annoying. However, who is the arbiter of the opinion that is allowed to be heard? Where is this great and supreme moral justice that demand we all agree to agree? In some cases backlash and silencing are understandable. I don’t mind if a virulent racist speech is removed from sites, if that certain person is de-platformed and blacklisted, in fact I support that. Sign me up to shut that shit down. However, this silencing has been extending to radical feminist and other gender abolitionist who seek to address the harms of gender. It’s one thing to participate in speech that perpetuates oppression and another to participate in speech about one’s own oppression. Females especially are oppressed, and this is because of their sex, so females of all people should be the one’s with the right to lead the conversation on gender, and here we are in 2014, females being shut down by males who identify as female, males who want to be the voice when it comes to gender. I’m not wrong by the way, Trans women lead the transgender movement, not trans men.

Transgender people are deeply invested in gender, to the point that they literally build their lives out of and around it. Building their lives around stereotypes of men and women and then demanding that they are seen as such. Demanding that we acknowledge these stereotypes as something innate in ourselves because of our biological sex. Because if we don’t we offend their sense of identity. Feminism in particular has been fighting against that for a very long time now, as have many gay activist, and yet here we find ourselves at the paradigm shift. The GLBT movement have embraced Trans politics and queer theory as have many mainstream liberal/ 3rd wave feminist outlets. Essentially  they have signed on, throwing their hands up in the air, after all that time, after all that work and saying, we are wrong! These *man* made Stereotypes about men and women are TRUE. This acceptance feels very defeating, and it’s unfortunate, but I hold to the hope that we will continue to move on, that this divergence is just a flash in the pan.

new clothes
Here we see the gay community escorting
the trans community.

How did this happen though? Where did it start? I can’t speak for where this started in feminism, but for the gay community I feel it was the over exaggeration of Sylvia Rivera’s limited involvement in the Stonewall riots that trans revisionist used as a platform for increased trans acceptance. Also I do think that many gay men have a  empathy for other gender non-conforming males, that we see their plight as somewhat similar to ours, that we can feel the pain they have and do face for “not being a man.” However, this is no reason to alter our  political output, as many gay men have, but  just all the more reason to reiterate it.

Gender hurts females first and foremost, with men ranking as collateral damage, gay men, trans women, and other men who do not live up to the role of “man” suffer. However that suffering pales in comparison when it comes to the class of people gender inflicts the most harm on, which is women. It is anti-female, and pro-patriarchy to want to celebrate an oppressive construct, and by adding 1000+ gender options on social medias, by legislating policy around gender identity, you’re doing nothing to get rid of this system, you’re just making it a more complex construct, and a more dangerous one. Despite your feelings, your gender identity just doesn’t mean anything, and that’s how we should treat it.

30 thoughts on “Your Gender Identity Just Doesn’t Mean Anything.

  1. Yes, gender in it’s current binary form is a hierarchy that harms women. I can also agree that there is no such thing as the male or female brain, that is we are not naturally, biologically predestined to behave certain ways due to our biological sex. I completely agree that we should get rid of gender, at least in terms of gender pronouns, gendered bathrooms, perhaps even gender separations in sports or other activities. What I can not agree with is the concept that transwomen are men, transmen women. It is actually a contradiction to the idea that gender is niether binary or fixed. It is actually employing the gender hierarchy to tell individuals living as women, being discriminated against, sexualized and objectified like women, that in our society that still have gender labels, they are not women. When you tell a transman he is a woman you are literally forcing feminity on to him, they very thing you are against happening to women. You cannot say gender is a social construct and then use that social constrruct to harass, discriminate and erase transpeople. It is difficult to exist in this world as a transperson we shouldn’t have to fight to those fighting for gender equality. Gender equality should mean all genders.

    • Transwomen are men and transmen are women. A transwoman is male. A transman is female. A woman is an adult human female and a man is an adult human male. This is not ‘enforcing gender’, this is recognizing unchangeable biological reality. You can not change your sex. You can not become the other sex. Sex is a binary. There are only human beings who produce ova, and human beings who produce sperm (and yes, this goes for intersex people). The only sex chromosomes that exist are X and Y. Gender (femininity and masculinity) is a social construct. Sex (male/man and female/woman) is not. This doesn’t contradict anything.

      Transwomen live as males who do not conform to the masculine gender role. This does not make them women. They might occasionally experience misogyny if they manage to pass as women but this still does not make them women (passing is not being) and they do not suffer the full extent of female oppression, which requires a female body. A straight man who’s been the subject of homophobic bullying does not have the right to call himself gay and enter gay spaces because of it, and a man who’s gone through surgery to gain the superficial appearance of a female body dealing with misdirected misogyny has no right to call himself a woman. Women are people, not a label, not an identity. I fail to understand how this ’employs the gender hierarchy’ because males are at the top of the hierarchy. We, as females, cannot oppress them with gender. You agree that males and females do not have different brains or capabilities, so what exactly makes a transwoman a woman? Because he says so?

      You are conflating sex with gender roles (femininity and masculinity). Telling a transman she’s a woman is telling her she’s female, not that she must like pink and dresses, it is not enforcing femininity. She can dress and act how she likes but taking on the masculine gender role does not make her male.

      I do not want ‘gender equality’ with males, I want them to stop oppressing women. I do not want to be an equal oppressor, I want to be free of oppression.

      • I’m sorry but you are factually incorrect and your statements are contradictory.

        Contrary to popular belief sex is not binary. There is more than just XY and XX when it comes to chromosomes. There is XXY, XYY, XXX and XO, in addition to numerous intersex conditions that are not based on chromosomal sex. While most individuals either have a vagina and ovaries or a penis and testicles this not always the case and is NOT dependent on chromosomes looking like anything other than XY or XX. Since most people have not had a chromosome test, it is impossible for most people to claim they have “normal” chromosomes. Unless you are a professional athlete it is unlikely you’ve had your hormones look at either. In some cases biological females naturally produce more testosterone than men. Again, contrary to popular belief both men and women have testosterone and estrogen. The pituitary gland regulates these hormones.

        If sex were binary and gender were dependent upon sex alone, this would actually support the idea that female persons and male persons are different not just because of their genitals, but the way in which their brains work as well. This kind of ideology, backed up by really really bad science has already allowed many people to claim women are just not suited to certain kinds of work, it has been used to justify discrimination against women.

        You cannot say on the one hand that gender is a social construct, that females are forced to become women and then on the other claim that gender is biological. That is a contradiction.

        Also contrary to popular belief trans people do not want to become men or women because they are interested in typically manly or typically womanly things. You are confusing gender expression, with gender identity. Nor is what trans people experience “just a feeling”. That is really insulting and dismissive. Many trans people experience what is called gender disphoria which is when they basically feel extremely uncomfortable with their breasts or genitals. In some cases they may simply feel alienated from the person they see in the mirror. In extreme cases transwomen have actually cut off their own penises after being denied gender affirming surgery and many trans people have killed themselves, unable to deal with their bodies or the discrimination they’ve experienced or both. It is extremely hard to explain what being a trans person is like, other than imagine you woke up one morning in a male body. Imagine that you were stuck in that body, uncomfortable, that every time you looked in the mirror you felt as if you were staring at someone else’s reflection. That people kept calling you “sir” or “he” even though you know you are not really man. Imagine that every time you had sex you just felt like you were going through the motions but not really enjoying it because you felt alienated from yourself and therefore your sexual partners. Like I said, you are politicizing something that is deeply traumatic and difficult for people to deal with, that you do not understand and have not even bothered to educate yourself on.

        If you do not wish to be an equal oppressor, I ask you then, why are you trying to oppress trans people?

        If you think sex and gender are binary, if you think that gender is something that is only forced upon women or that being trans is just a “feeling” that is fine, you have the right to your opinions. What you do not have the right to do is publish blogs like this that are essentially hate speech, to laugh at me on Twitter (after I said I had been a victim of domestic violence and rape no less) and to politicize other people’s suffering. You do not even deserve this explanation.

      • Culturally enforced gender stereotypes are quite adequate to explain gender dysphoria, and kindly do not drag people with biological abnormalities into this discussion when it is obvious you have no data to support any quantitative correlation with transgender identification. It is a tired old canard and people who actually do have such abnormalities detest how transgender-identified people have hijacked their legitimate issues to explain transgender identification.

      • Even if you abandon looking how your gender is forced to look, that often for trans people isn’t enough and they need to at least take hormones to look like themselves. I’m not hijacking issues surrounding intersex people or their conditions, simply explaining that it is factually incorrect to claim that sex is binary. It isn’t. I have no data on if trans people are intersex or what percentage are because such a study has never been done. There has been some studies done that brain scans of trans people look abnormal, that gender disphoria could be genetic or caused by hormones that trans people are exposed to in the womb. Either way it is considered a legitimate mental health condition.

      • Brain science won’t cut it. This culture has long been disposed to look for brain sex differences. Earlier, looking for brain race differences was popular. We now see this as racism.

        The “born that way” dialog presupposed that one can scan the brains of hundreds of thousands of infants and track any differences against future development. That would be science. But when one already identifies as transgender, one’s life has already molded one’s brain. This is conflating correlation with causation and it is crap as far as science goes. It is not proper epidemiology, the sample sizes are way too small, it’s irrelevant, it’s just noise.

      • That would also probably be unethical since MRIs do release radiation and very few people identify as transgender. I don’t honestly see the point in being against transgender people, it is like being against any other minority group. You don’t understand them or their condition, so you demonize them.

      • It would be unethical, you say, but you have no problem using unethical practices as bases for your arguments.

        Again, I have no problem with people who refuse to conform to gender scripting enforcement and indeed applaud such. But what originally started out as a small number of men with severe GID having SRS as a last resort, and needing some kind of accommodation, has now burgeoned out into all these dudes who toy around with estrogen and fuck with women and children in ways that used to mean imprisonment for indecent exposure, etc.

        I was quite sympathetic towards post-SRS male transgenders until I started seeing all these dudes with dicks harassing lesbians to date them. The most sympathetic stance I can find is that you’ve got a major troll problem, but other than that, SRS does not leave you improved, it’s a terrible solution, many of you kill yourselves years afterwards anyway. If you are post-SRS, I don’t know what’s the better option, live with it or try to reverse it, but generally speaking using surgery as therapy for people with mental health issues is considered barbaric. Why the exception here? Because of gender scripting enforcement.

      • I was more referring to that you cannot even call transwomen, transwomen, yet think you have the right to an opinion about transpeople. I am trans. You do not know more about what it is like to be a trans person or how real gender identity is than I do.

      • And…..for the 9,547th time, disagreeing about whether feeling female makes you a woman is not hate speech. Hate speech would be “kill all trannies” or “DIAF Terf!” Guess which one I have seen many times, and which one never, in the blogs of gender-critical people? Guess which one a notable number of male transgenders write on a regular basis?

        The author has no right to publish this blog? More like you have no right to have your mendacious comments published on his blog. He’s being kinder than I would be.

      • Saying that “transwomen are not really women” “trans is just a feeling” etc IS hate speech because it is denying trans people the right to exist at all, not just the right to exist in women’s only spaces. My response was respectful and well thought out, more so than it probably should be. What the hell are “male transgenders” btw?

      • It is not hate speech, it is a gender-critical interpretation of what’s going on with transgender ideology. It is obvious that humans exist who are uncomfortable with performing gender scripting assigned to their sex, and it is obvious that they are often abused for this failure to conform. To this we say, abuse is horrid, failing to conform is awesome! Just don’t try to bully us into pretending to believe you are something you are not, and don’t try to tell us that men become safe for women and children in intimate spaces merely because they call themselves women.

        It would be disingenous to argue that male transgenders don’t make a huge effort to perform superficial femininity. This is gender scripting at work. If there was some legitimate biological basis to any of this, it wouldn’t play out so reliably within culturally enforced norms, and it wouldn’t come with such misogyny and so much bullying of women. I can’t believe some of the ugly crap I’ve read. “Suck my pickled balls” ffs.

    • ” When you tell a transman he is a woman you are literally forcing feminity on to him,”

      No, whosiscis, and others, are saying a woman can be who she is, without putting masculinity or femininity on her. So, a woman can be as masculine as she wants (whatever masculinity even means) and still be a woman. The point is to stop branding behaviors and thoughts and feelings as feminine or masculine. They are just feelings behaviors thoughts anyone can have, regardless of one’s sex. Then people dont need to transition, they can be who they are.

      • No I am pretty sure trans men are men. Thus why they are called trans MEN not trans females or any other term.

      • So you posit that trans men are men because the word “men” is in the name? So is Fools Gold actual Gold? Trans men are female, just as trans women are male. That’s not a value judgement, that’s biology and hence why these individuals are “trans”.

      • That is a value judgement, because you’re telling me that someone who is taking male hormones is still female? What about after surgery? That is crazy, you can’t tell me that someone with a beard and a penis is still a woman because they were “born that way”.

      • Yes, someone who injects synthetic male (women produce T too, so it isn’t really a male hormone.) hormones into their system does not actually make that person female. The absence of their natural genitals replaced by surgically constructed cosmetic “penis” does not make a female a male. Biological sex is immutable.

      • I know a lot of people are happy to pretend that biology isn’t real, this blog really isn’t the place for that. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.

      • Yes, people like you insist that biology isn’t real by enforcing the mass hallucination that gender is binary despite the reality that intersex and trans people really do exist and that there are a multitude of “biological” sexes.

      • Sex and gender are separate, so inserting intersex individuals in this discussion about a gender binary (which I do NOT support.) is dishonest. There are female, male and intersex individuals, that’s not a “multitude” of biological sexes.

  2. It’s an expression of white male privilege that gender-critical people get silenced at times on large privately owned platforms with white male transgenders in IT.

    • Indeed. I also agree with what you wrote here. I am also so tired of intersex medical conditions being conflated with transgenderism because they are not the same thing and I imagine that people with those conditions are even more pissed off than me. It is a logical fallacy to argue that there are more than two sexes because less than 1% of the population has sex chromosome abnormalities that often interfere with their quality of life in a negative way.

  3. I think it started with bogus docs and psychs in the 60s and 70s who convinced the government that a “sex change” was something that a person could get legal documentation for. At least for the first decades of this nonsense, male trans (cuz ya, female trans are pretty rare, and even rarer back then) would not invade female spaces, and not require sexual intimacy from whichever sex they were preying on. But in the last 15-20 years, males are simplify trying to enshrine “feminine allure” as an identity… this is most insulting and embarrassing for women, and I suspect when the bearded, tattooed, lip-smacking females start wanting to take over male spaces, a lot of non macho males are going to be embarrassed and POed too.

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