Put words in my mouth, I’m Going to Spit Them Out

There are big misconceptions about what I think and about the Facebook page that I run, Homosexuals not Homogenderuals. Firstly, I’ve said this numerous times to numerous people and the repetition of the same conversation is tedious. I’m just going to state it here, and when confronted with accusations will reference this post.

First and foremost I don’t hate anyone, I don’t have a heart filled with hate. Just because I disagree with what seems to be the mainstream thought on the issues of gender and gender identity doesn’t mean I hate trans people, I simply disagree with you. I don’t think gender is an innate feeling or identity, the only reality I see in regards to gender is that is a used as a tool of oppression against the female class. The suffering of men due to gender is incidental, and while I feel compassion for any person who feels in pain due to gender, I do view men as an after thought in this context.
I do think sex is an innate characteristic, meaning that, with the exceptions of intersex people ,that most of us fall into one of two categories, male or female.  Like skin color, sex is an immutable characteristic in an individual. I believe that sex is real. What I don’t believe is that any behaviors, interest, or feelings are inherent to our sex. The belief in that is the belief in gender, and one I refute.  Does this mean I hate you? I really don’t think so. I simply acknowledge that sex matters, and that sex and gender are not the same. I use the World Health Organization definition of sex and gender, as well as the APA’s definition. Clue me in, are they “haters” too?


American Psychological Association:

Observing the facts from above, these are the benign logical conclusions in regards to Trans folk

1. Trans women are biologically male
2. Trans men are biologically female.
Misgendering is often referred to as a form of violence, and apparently stating the biological reality of the sex of trans  people is what this means, or not paying attention to, or using preferred pronouns. I don’t know about most people, but whenever I have said  or say “he” or “she” in day to day life, it’s never been in accordance to anything but biological sex. I don’t call male people “she” and I don’t call female people “he”. pronouns are used in regards to biological sex, not gender. Similarly I don’t call a group of female children “boys” or a group of male children “girls”. Why? Because I respect the spectrum of human behavior and emotion and don’t put it in a box that says “this must be male” or “this must be female”. You are you. You know what sex you are, now live your life like it doesn’t matter in regards to the rules and regulations. Because that’s all gender is. I’ve often wonder how we are going to break free from gender confines when we JUST MUST DEFINE behaviors or feelings as intrinsically linked to biology. This does nothing to help bust out of the box, it keeps us (un)comfortably in it.  trans women and men who admit to the reality of  their biological sex are, in my opinion, some of the biggest ground breakers. Those who deny it are regressive. Again, this is an opinion, and I don’t consider this stance to be a hateful one. I find facts to be amoral.
Pronouns are about sex, not how you feel, or what you are wearing.

pronouns: It’s not because of what they are wearing.
Gender abolition: This doesn’t mean the extermination of Trans people which is the knee-jerk hysteria and hyperbole that the community seems to be having to the term. It’s simply about eliminating the constructs and constraints of gender, which was talked about above. So, I apologize because I know it’s a lot less dramatic than you would like it be, but I guarantee you that there isn’t going to be concentration camps set up for transgender individuals. I believe that once gender is abolished, that in addition to the liberation of female people, we will see less “transitioning” from both sexes.  The door will be open and people will be free from constraint.  All this said, I do believe that there are those with deep seated body issues, but we must remember that as of now the majority of people who identify as trans are not diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, and many don’t have an issue with their bodies opting to not go the surgical route.

With respect to Homosexuality: My belief, in accordance with the definition of homosexuality, is that homosexuality only exist between people of the same sex. Again, it’s a sex based term, and separate from gender. No male person is a lesbian and no female person is a gay man. As is often documented on this blog and on the FB page, there is a growing resistance to this definition of homosexual. Trans activist and their allies wish to broaden what “homosexual” means to include themselves in it. Indeed homosexuality exist among trans people. Below is a list of homosexual pairings.

1. Female paired romantically and/or sexually with another female.
2. Male paired romantically and/or sexually with another male.
3. A trans woman (male) paired romantically and/or sexually with a another male (This includes other trans women.)
4. A trans man paired romantically and/or sexually with another female (This includes other trans men.)

These are NOT homosexual pairings, and ARE heterosexual:
1. Male paired romantically and/or sexually with a female.
2. Trans woman (male) paired romantically or sexually with a female.
3. Trans man (female) paired romantically or sexually with a male.

When heterosexuals assert that they are homosexual, despite the reality of their biological sex ,they are engaging in assimilation tactics against homosexual people ,which ultimately will lead to the erasure of homosexuals and homosexuality.
Lets be clear though, date who you love, be happy in your love, I support you in your love, I just don’t support the co-opting of the terms “homosexual”, “gay” and “lesbian” , and as an actual gay person find these tactics incredibly offensive.

Now this part veers a bit off topic, but I want to address it. There is a misconception being willfully and knowingly spread by trans activist and allies that suggest I am anti-gay. That I don’t support gay marriage, hate crime legislation, or homosexuals serving openly in the military. These are all false accusations. As many people know I am engaged to my boyfriend and fully intend on getting married to him in one of the states that allows it within the next year or so.

Marriage: Am I critical of marriage as a patriarchal institution and it’s history in regards to women? absolutely. I understand that great horrors for women have existed and often still do within this construct. Because I think this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in, or support gay marriage, I do. But I do also support a revamping of what marriage entails. I support women being able to leave men without a hassle, marriage works against this.

Hate crimes: I do believe in hate crime protections for minority groups that are subjects of unfair hatred and discrimination. I also firmly believe that hate crime legislation should be extended to female people.

Gays serving in the military: I think gays should be able to serve openly in the military. I’m not very patriotic though and I don’t think the U.S. has the best track record with gay people. As a gay person I would never enlist, that’s really all I have to say about that specifically.

So there you have it! *spits*