Gay Men and the Growing Queer Narrative.

Thus far lesbians have bared the negative brunt of trans activism in regards to the GLBT community, as have females as a whole. The focus isn’t shifting, but I do believe it’s expanding to include gay men in it’s homophobic criticisms.  I never expect to see as violent and loud of a push from trans men than I do from trans women. I believe this stems from Trans women’s male socialization. However Trans women are the one’s spinning the narrative, they are the voices that are being heard (another testament to them being male.) as opposed to the voices trans men. That said, more and more trans men are being swept up and into this narrative.

From a Trans man upset that gay men are not interested in females:

This is a conversation that we don’t typically see in regards to gay men, but that are overly abundant in reference to lesbians. Overall the suggestion is that sex doesn’t matter, that it doesn’t exist and that we as homosexuals are bigoted or “phobic” simply because we are homosexual people.

From a Trans woman about gay men:

Trans women are typically heterosexual males, so what you’re basically looking at above is a heterosexual male telling gay men to shut up about being called “faggot” because it hurts him more.

Trans activist are really good at pulling reversals on people. According to them females are oppressing males (the assertion that female people are oppressing trans women.) and that homosexuals are discriminating against heterosexuals, or that our experiences as homosexuals are less than their experiences as heterosexual men. They are not. I don’t care what you are wearing or what name you call yourself. I see right through you.

5 thoughts on “Gay Men and the Growing Queer Narrative.

  1. I just read an article about something very similar to this. A doctor admitted to seeinng a rise in children being considered trans (an over 300% increase in just 2013). This truly is homophobic rhetoric being disguised as progressive. A huge amount of gay and lesbians were gender nonconfirming children. So not only are we being told as adults to reexamine our sexuality but now the next generation of gays and lesbians are being told to transition at younger and you her ages. I don’t know about you but I find the entire trans cult to be exactly like the MRAs of today, just in more uncomfortable footwear.

    Hearts not parts is bull, we’re gays because we like a specific set of parts.

  2. The entire discussion is invalid and should not be catered to. Sexual attraction is a personal matter and no one has any obligation to explain or justify not being sexually interested in someone. No one has the right to be considered sexually desireable. Everybody has the right to change their minds about finding somebody attractive at any point and for any reason. This whole “you’re bigoted for turning me down” meme is toxic and rapey.

  3. Oh look, the “sleep with me or you’re a bigot” meme shows up yet again. Get the fuck over yourself lady.

    Yes, it’s sooo shocking that gay guys, aka male homosexuals would want dick. Who would have thought?

    I agree with Ella about how “hearts not parts” is bullshit.

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