Gay Men and the Growing Queer Narrative.

Thus far lesbians have bared the negative brunt of trans activism in regards to the GLBT community, as have females as a whole. The focus isn’t shifting, but I do believe it’s expanding to include gay men in it’s homophobic criticisms.  I never expect to see as violent and loud of a push from trans men than I do from trans women. I believe this stems from Trans women’s male socialization. However Trans women are the one’s spinning the narrative, they are the voices that are being heard (another testament to them being male.) as opposed to the voices trans men. That said, more and more trans men are being swept up and into this narrative.

From a Trans man upset that gay men are not interested in females:

This is a conversation that we don’t typically see in regards to gay men, but that are overly abundant in reference to lesbians. Overall the suggestion is that sex doesn’t matter, that it doesn’t exist and that we as homosexuals are bigoted or “phobic” simply because we are homosexual people.

From a Trans woman about gay men:

Trans women are typically heterosexual males, so what you’re basically looking at above is a heterosexual male telling gay men to shut up about being called “faggot” because it hurts him more.

Trans activist are really good at pulling reversals on people. According to them females are oppressing males (the assertion that female people are oppressing trans women.) and that homosexuals are discriminating against heterosexuals, or that our experiences as homosexuals are less than their experiences as heterosexual men. They are not. I don’t care what you are wearing or what name you call yourself. I see right through you.


Men Going Their Own Way-A Positive Approach.

I imagine this post will upset some people and opinions on it may be polarized, but it’s just a mental sketch that I’ve been rolling around in my head.  A totally unlikely, but not impossible “what if”? My take on how the ludicrous  MRA inspired MGTOW movement could be re fashioned as something that could be more beneficial to women as a class and individually. I also think the individual benefit could extend to both sexes.

What if male allies truly decided to go their own way in regards to their romantic and sexual lives? If supposedly pro-feminist men get the picture of how harmful heterosexuality has been to female people, how problematic PIV is, the rates of DV from males toward females, then shouldn’t it be a logical next step to say “I’m not participating in this.” ?  I’m simply asking, or observing and trying to understand the heterosexual, or female partnered male ally and how that can be reconciled with what we know?

We know that homosexuality isn’t something that is determined genetically, there isn’t a gay gene and while very appealing due to the feeling of lacking a choice in the matter, perhaps especially for male people the “Born this way” adage just doesn’t add up. It’s a weak and flimsy argument and a response to being beat down to the point of surrender. We throw our hands up and say that we have no autonomy in how we feel. A part of me understand this. I’m not politically gay, I don’t feel I ever made a conscious choice to be attracted to men and not attracted to women, it’s just how things played out. However one thing I won’t do is discount those who have said they have made the choice to be gay or lesbian. In a way Christians and other detractors are right about the choice to actually *BE* gay.  Indeed I did choose to pursue my life the way I saw fit, in the way I wanted and in the way that felt right. I choose to follow my heart, and that was my choice in the matter. As far as the base sexual attraction goes though I don’t think I gave that thought either way. It wasn’t a choice, it was just there. But who am I , as a pro-homosexual to shun those who now exclusively date the same sex for whatever reason? No one. So I don’t do it.

Heterosexual people have told me that I take a militant stand on heterosexuality  and they find that hypocritical considering what homosexual people have faced.  I understand people have individual feelings on the matter, so my suggestion is always to not personalize it. Heterosexual people haven’t been terrorized by homosexuals, it’s been the other way around. The world around us is the result of heterosexuality, which in my opinion is rooted in male dominance. I believe that on some level all heterosexually paired men are participating in male dominance at a deeper level, and until that is broken will continue to do so. Heterosexuality must be critically deconstructed for a better world, and why leave this all up to women? Why, with what we know about over population, pollution, in-sustainability, female oppression, harms of PIV to class female Etc. do so many of us overlook a key component? That men could sexually withdraw and/or abstain  from women- and shouldn’t those of us who consider ourselves allies to women consider doing so?  Am I telling you to go gay or be celibate or otherwise I hate you? Not really. Am I saying that you may be on your way to being a better person if you do? Maybe a little bit. Just food for thought. Want to talk about this? Leave me some comments, I’m interested in having this conversation!