So, I’m going to go ahead and do this Swirl Radio interview thing.

Yesterday there was a twitter interaction between known harrasser, but perpetual “victim” Dana Lane Taylor and a gender critical trans woman who goes under the handle @gendercoping . Dana was threatening to expose Coping’s details in yet another DOX like action. I believe Dana then tweeted @swirlradio (radio host, Michelle Meow) ,an LGBT Radio station into the conversation, somehow managing to to pull off friendly banter and cyber high fives from the Station in midst of his harassing another trans woman, simply because they have started to go down a gender critical path, and will call out abusive postings against females, as any decent person should. When pointed out to the radio station they insisted they didn’t take sides and were just concerned about everyone’s safety. This is a sentiment I can get behind. I tweeted out some of what Dana was sending me to convey how creepy and stalker like this person was being. They extended an offer to have a platform (explicitly saying that it is to be a platform and not a debate/argument.) and speak out about the schism that’s going on in the community, and what exactly is taking place in this dialogue at large, and what my experience has been thus far as a gay man speaking out about the homophobia and misogyny that is seemingly inherit in the trans movement. I’m not sure if Coping decided to go ahead and speak out on it as well, but likely not due to the camaraderie that Dana and Swirl were sharing. It’s understandable to be hesitant and upset with this.


This is the tweet I sent to @Swirlradio of Dana harassing me. It also looks like Dana is stalking some poor guy that looks like me and has a truck. I LOATHE trucks.

Later that day, after we all stopped Paying attention, Dana then went on a twitter vomiting binge of harassing Lesbian Feminist activist Cathy Brennan, whom he has been harassing for sometime.


Obviously the above is blatant harassment. It’s astonishing that LGBT. and even mainstream feminist media (Bitch among others.) tolerates this to the point of being buddy buddy with aggressors such as Dana Lane Taylor.  It’s hard to buy that Swirl didn’t know what was taking place, but if this is indeed an offer to not argue but to just relay, it’s one I’m content in accepting. We are living in an age of blacklisting and de-platforming anyone with a dissenting opinion on trans politics, or anyone with the audacity to point out the behavior of some of their more prominent activist, all of which I intend on doing here. I also intend on addressing the Fallon Fox situation and speak about the petition, and the 2 petitions that have been started by trans activist against me for starting that petition.   So, the  interview is set up for 4 PM on Wednesday, however I don’t know when it will air, but I will update. I look forward to what will hopefully be a respectful dialogue, and an opportunity to address the reality of the situation.

**update: I understand  I’m a male person having a conversation about some of my experiences in this (very old) conversation about Trans women harassing or otherwise attempting to silence gender critical thought, waters mostly only threaded by females. I do actually think gay men have a right (I’ve read otherwise, I disagree.) to speak out about the homophobia in the trans community, and I am going on an LGBT show, The G is a part of that. I am not a radical feminist, I don’t represent radical feminism, thus while I intend on mentioning and highlighting that this happens all the time to female people who object to the current narrative on gender , I’m not speaking for, or on the behalf of radical feminist or female ppl here. I’m speaking as a gender critical gay male (This is what male gay liberationist were after all.)- and I have hopes of seeing more gay men sway into this line of thought, because right now, lets face it, gay men are serving as a Trojan horse for Trans politics and advancement.
For what it’s worth I did ask a few women if they would be willing to contact the station and also share their experiences. I realize I’m not going to please everyone in everything that I do.
If you want to be interviewed by this station- it’s easy enough. Give them your story, communicate with them. I don’t think I’m taking anyone’s mic in doing this. Everyone needs to speak out. Email the station. **

** IF you haven’t signed and shared the petition yet, please do so! It’s up to almost 500 signatures and is doing better than expected. We need to at least let the MMA know that a substantial amount of people know that letting male born people compete against females in violent contact sports is wrong.**
Petition here:


9 thoughts on “So, I’m going to go ahead and do this Swirl Radio interview thing.

    • I feel that this person is really a danger to others. They have a history of mental health issues, commonly threaten. Harass a woman about her rape even going so far as to say that her kids shouldn’t be alive. These are all well known signs of an unstable person. It’s too bad the authorities don’t somehow get involved. I think it’s beyond warranted at this point.

  1. I look forward to hearing your Swirl interview if you do it.

    Just the fact that Swirl is willing to give you a platform is an encouraging sign that the blanket censorship around trans issues that trans activists are trying to impose on LGBT and indeed all media is not succeeding.

  2. Just stopping by to wish you luck with this. I hope one can be able to hear the interview, if you deicide to do this. I’m happy to see more and more people (radical feminist or not) join in to expose the madness that lurks in the trans movement/community.

  3. I agree that male born women should not be permitted to compete against genetic born women. However, there is little difference between male born and genetic born women in many cases and I think perhaps a little rewording could be added here? There are many male born women who start hormone therapy before puberty and develop physically along the same path as genetic born women. There would be no unfair advantage. I do agree 110% that a 5′ 10″ 275lb male born woman has no business fighting with genetic women (unless those women want to prove they can handle it and that they really are equal, as some do.)

    I’m a male born woman. I would never presume to intrude on a sport or competition like that. It’s quite absurd. And I don’t ride anyone’s coat tails either. I’m actively helping the LGBT community with public awareness issues and more. I completed my transition many years ago and live with my wife as a lesbian now… and fight for lesbian rights. I harm nobody and help all those I have the strength for.

    My point is that a little less over generalizing would be nice. Even some of the “trans” community would support some of your movements if they weren’t so offensive on an individual basis.

    The very things you’re asking people to give you (to be treated as an equal, to not be oppressed, to be loved by those around us, to be included… never excluded… and more)… are the things you are trying to take away from us on a large scale.

    Aim your torches at the INDIVIDUALS performing these disturbing acts… not at the community. That would be like me, judging all gay men, on your actions and words.

    Yes, these things need to be dealt with. But we don’t need more hate to accomplish them. I’m sure at some point this was a passionate response to a situation that demanded action. And even I agree that it does. but now it’s just about hate… anywhere you can find it, and for any reason, even in this reply… and I’ve got nothing but love and concern for you.

    I recently had a group of Lesbians befriend me. We shared great times together for several months. We had amazing trust, and friendship. The moment that I mentioned I was male born they all got extremely offended and stated that I should have told them from the start. That it didn’t matter and I should have been honest. Except I was being honest about who I was, and if it didn’t matter, then why were they so offended?

    The world isn’t ready for us. We are freaks and pervs to those who loved us. We’ve been told that we don’t belong and that we are abominations in gods eyes. Sound familiar? And no, Trans people are not the same in most cases as Gay people. We are different by means of gender, not sexual attraction. But isn’t our plight with “normal” people that it’s our differences that make us strong? That our differences shouldn’t separate us from them? If you had the chance to go back to Dr. Martin Luther King and ask him to add sexuality to his plea of equality… wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you want to join in with that larger group so that your voice could be heard? Without the LGB… our voice would be utterly silenced. We would remain freaks and perverts to our own parents and brothers. Disgusting in the eyes of those who witness us… even in the mirror.

    Your cause has strong points. But those points are being swallowed up by a screaming torrent of hatred.

    I hope that you can find my point and perhaps make a positive change within your movement… that I’ve only heard of and encountered today.

  4. “Dana was threatening to expose Coping’s details in yet another DOX like action.”

    You DO remember that this was like, literally a DAY after you threatened ME with doxxing, right?

    You colossal fucking hypocrite.

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