Remove Fallon Fox from the WMMA (petition)

Please sign and share the petition to have Fallon Fox removed from Women’s MMA fighting.

Link here:

“Fallon Fox is a transgender individual, but also a biologically male person. Despite hormone thearpy and SRS, there are some things that do not change. Bone length, density and muscle structure do not change and all of these grant a physical advantage. More can be seen here in a doctor’s testimony about Fox and what advantages they may have.

On September 13th Fallon Fox caused Tamikka Brents, an accomplished female MMA fighter multiple physical injuries that some have reffered to as “career ending”, though I certainly hope this isn’t the case. Many Female fighters have stood up and stated that they feel that it’s not fair that Fox has a spot fighting women with the physical advantages that are present. The fact that this is indeed a male person taking a postion in female sports from an actual female person, a frontier that women are still striving to make progress in non-withstanding.

Here is a link to Fox viciously going after Brents in what can only be called a fit of blood lust:

I call on all people who support females in female sports to sign this petition.
I call on all human beings that know it’s fundamentally wrong for male people to beat up on female people to sign this petiton.

MMA LLC, do the responsible thing, remove Fallon Fox from Women’s MMA.”

4 thoughts on “Remove Fallon Fox from the WMMA (petition)


    Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox), ex Navy man, father

    They wanted to make her bleed…

  2. Board certified orthopedic surgeons surely know bone, muscle, and musculature development. This article was posted in March 2103. Why was Fox allowed to fight women? MMA is a bloody combat sport in which great bodily injury or death could occur. It’s unconscionable that this was allowed to happen.

    Dr. Benjamin not on board with transgender female, Fallon Fox fighting professionally

    “The problem with the transgender issue, specifically male to female, is that there is not enough scientific information out there to say if it’s safe enough to allow this to go on. If you don’t know if it’s safe, we have to err on the side of safety, which says until we get more information, we cannot go forward with this.

    One of the things that’s very interesting, is everyone says, ‘Well there’s been a few studies that say after two years this, that and the other…’ That’s not true. There’s no studies for this. I’ve done the literature search. Then they come back with, ‘The IOC knows.’ The IOC knows what? The IOC caved to political and social pressure. The IOC didn’t say, ‘Because of firm scientific and medical evidence, that if you’ve had this SRS and you’ve taken hormones for two years, that’s the magic number that all this is going to become safe.’ That’s not true at all.

    There is no firm scientific basis to support that conclusion. They made an arbitrary determination in the face of social pressure. OK, I understand that, too. Who wanted to fight the fight? The IOC didn’t want to, so they said. ‘If you get the surgery and take the hormones for two years, that’s good enough for us.’ That doesn’t mean it was made on a sound medical basis, because the sound medical basis doesn’t exist. Those studies have not been done.

    The surgeons that spoke towards bone density decreasing and so on and so forth – that doesn’t say the person doesn’t still have superior physiological abilities. The real question is, what was the sex at time of puberty? As we all know, boys and girls aren’t that much different until they go through puberty.

    Gender reassignment happens after puberty. One of the things that happens during puberty, is that boys grow 15-20 cm taller than girls. The average height of men is greater than the average height of women. In addition to bone density, there is also the issue of longer bones in men. Longer bones lead to some mechanical advantages that shorter bones don’t have.

    The argument is that “They’ve become a woman because they’ve had the surgery and taken the hormones.’ The hormones will certainly make your phenotype. The different hormone therapies are very good at changing that, but they don’t change those things that happen to you during puberty. The length of your bones don’t change. The mean muscle surface area doesn’t change a great deal.

    When people say, ‘That person has turned into a woman’, I’m fine with that, but where is the hard scientific data that says their athletic performance capacity has now changed to that of a woman? That scientific research has not been done.

    People might think I’m against transgender people. I’m not against anybody. That’s a social issue. What I’m saying is that we don’t know enough, and if you don’t have that knowledge, if you don’t have that scientific information, you have to err on the side of safety. Until we know for sure, I can’t support it. We simply don’t know what the safety issues are.”

    Other physical advantages mentioned on various websites, etc…..

    Possible advantages – increased ratio of type II to type I muscle fibres; increased heart volume relative to body size (there doesn’t seem to be any evidence about how these change after SRS).

    Also increased lung capacity and different pelvic morphology leading to certain biomechanical advantages. These are based on bone structure and testosterone levels during growth and development and are unlikely to change in an adult with hormone treatment.

    -Men have a demonstrated average reaction time that is up to 1/10th of a second faster . this would be a huge advantage at an elite level.

    – the average mans hands are 13 percent longer and have a more dense bone structure (also wrist, shoulder, and ) It is the difference of being hit in the head with a bigger hammer. It will do more damage. How fast does Bone density change in these circumstances? IT is a debatable subject

    – The muscular development of a man is on average 30/40 percent larger than the average woman’s , upper body strength especially. and is larger also as a percentage of total mass

    -With weight training a man can gain muscle much more quickly and easily.

    – People that have developed muscles can “regain” them much more quickly than someone who has never had a well developed muscularity.

    – Females have on average a higher percentage of internal body fat than a man of the same level of fitness. This is a genetic advantage for childbirth. It means a man and a woman in the same weight class on average would have a different lean mass composition.

    -not enough is known about how long it takes for the change in hormone levels to affect athletic ability.


    -women are 3 times more likely than a man to get a concussion in the same circumstances. Neck , upper body and core strength are probably the big factors in this one.

    Question: We know that women have different shaped pelvis. How does this relate to hip rotation?

    HIP ROTATION – refers to the circular acceleration of your hips in force generation.

    Of all the accelerating forces in a punch, this one is probably the most important…NOT FIST ACCELERATION. Fist acceleration alone does not guarantee hip acceleration; which is why some fast-handed boxers still don’t have any power. The hips are rotated to the spine, and rotating the hips powerfully rotates the spine powerfully which sends out the hand with power instead of only speed.

  3. This photograph is from Tamikka’s Facebook page. It also appears on the petition. A biological male inflicted this damage on a female. Deep in our hearts, we know it’s wrong and should not have happened in the first place, but people were silenced by a chorus of transgender activists.

  4. I know I’ve made several posts, but the following Curve Magazine article is by far the most one-sided, biased article that I’ve ever read. Curve Magazine calls itself the “best selling lesbian magazine”.

    What does Boyd Burton (Fallon Fox), ex Navy man and father have to do with lesbians? He is not lesbian, but the woman he fought is a lesbian. He inflicted this damage on a black lesbian, and he seemed to enjoy what he did.

    “In less than three minutes, Fox inflicted an orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 8 surgical staples to close”

    This article even calls Rhonda Rousey ignorant. The last sentence in this biased article states,

    “It seems the only thing stopping this fight from happening is Rousey’s ignorance.”

    Despite what Curve Magazine says, there still is dispute as to whether or not biological males who “transition” in mid-life have a physical advantage. Scroll up and read the 2013 article from board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Benjamin, and even the recent article in the Examiner states, “No one knows for sure if Fox does actually have a competitive advantage.” Scroll up for the link.

    It’s interesting to me that the most biased article is coming from the “best selling lesbian magazine”. Apparently, it’s owned by Avalon Media. I’m still in the process of trying to find out who owns and runs Avalon Media. Also, does anyone know who Silke K Bader is?

    Curve Magazine, Boyd Burton is a biological male and Tamikka Brents is a black lesbian. Burton’s fans wanted to see her blood even before the fight. I hope they are reading this.

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