Gloves Off : Tamikka Brents Vs. Fallon Fox

On September 13th Tamikka Brents will enter the ring to face Trans celebrity Fallon Fox. Fallon Fox is a homophobic misogynist who participates in (a site set up as a registry of women who disagree with the concept of gender identity.). While it shouldn’t have to be noted, Fox is, on the most basic level a male who beats up on women professionally.  Trans activist will try to claim that Fox has no advantage by being biologically male due to hormone treatments, this however doesn’t take into account muscle structure, bone density, and frame that add upper body strength, quite relevant when throwing a punch. 



Tamikka Brents is a lesbian and stands up for and with the gay community by wearing the pride flag to the cage. After Tamikka publically called out the media interest in Fox being due to Fallon’s very public story (Everyone knows Fallon is a male hitting women.) and expressed that it was her opinion Fallon, as a male, should not be participating in female contact sports.


She was assaulted with a smear campaign from the trans community demanding that she recant, and furthermore remove the pride flag from her person. This position has been supported by various GLBT publications and outlets, overwhelmingly by transgender  writers. These include Huffpostgayvoices and Sosogay, both of which are anti-lesbian and anti-female publications. 

tamikka 2

Tamikka Brents has every right to wear the pride flag, as a lesbian, she owns it, and for the trans community to have the audacity to make this demand is beyond the pale. As a homosexual I stand with Tamikka, and as a human being who thinks it’s wrong for male people to beat up on women I stand with Tamikka.  

14 thoughts on “Gloves Off : Tamikka Brents Vs. Fallon Fox

  1. Boyd Burton (aka Fallon Fox), ex Navy man is a heterosexual male who didn’t give a rat’s a** about gay or lesbian anything before he started calling himself a “woman”.

  2. We need a response term for TERF… something like TURD… I’m thinking…

    SCAM comes to mind… surgically and chemically altered men…..

  3. As a homosexual I stand with Tamikka, and as a human being who thinks it’s wrong for male people to beat up on women I stand with Tamikka.

    Thanks, here we see a REAL man who knows it’s down right creepy for dudes to go into a metal cage to fight women.

  4. Well of course a lesbian doesn’t represent heterosexual males properly. It’s obvious. What I find ridiculous is these heterosexual males’ claim to the rainbow flag, a symbol of gay rights and pride.

    The T has nothing to do with the LGB. This is just another illustrative example.

    • If I remember correctly, the symbolism of the rainbow flag was never meant to convey the idea of a “rainbow spectrum of sexualities” that includes all the letters in the queer alphabet soup and then some. It was meant to show that every ethnic group on earth has gay and lesbian members, and thus the gay and lesbian population includes people of all colors. Hence the rainbow.

      My source for this is Randy Shilts’s book on gays in the military, Conduct Unbecoming. There’s a lengthy section on Gilbert Baker, the former Army private who originally designed the rainbow flag.

  5. “Tamikka Brents is a lesbian and stands up for and with the gay community by wearing the pride flag to the cage”.

    REALLY? Cuz while Brents is proving what a “LGBT advocate” she is by wrapping herself in flags and dissing the “T” in “LGBT”, Fallon Fox spent the night before her fight visiting LGBT youth at the Phoenix Center in Springfield. And after the fight she was signing posters to raise money for charity for TransTechSocial, a group that helps educate, empower and employ people in the LGBTQIA community.

    And what was it that Tammika was doing that proves she’s such a fierce advocate?

    Oh, that’s right. NOTHING.

    Christ, you’re SUCH a dickhead, Norwood. Enjoy your crushing defeat.

    • Am I the only one who finds it very creepy, how preoccupied Fox is with taking selfies? A “cis” woman who looks like that would be universally deemed a dog and wouldn’t talk up how hawt and sexy she is at every opportunity; she certainly wouldn’t do that if she wanted to avoid widespread derision.

      • This is such truth.

        The mainstream beauty standards for actual females is very high. Male privilege allows Fox to strut around in women’s clothing, looking like a man, without being insulted for it. When I think about all of the rotten, critical comments that have been directed at women like Serena Williams for looking “masculine” or “fat”, and then I see this piece of shit pretender getting a pass, it makes my blood boil.

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