Matthew Breen, male supremacist & Head of The Advocate.

Do I have to add commentary? I feel increasingly ashamed to be a part of the GLBT community with our tactics, and disregard for female people, and especially lesbians. From the pseudo science (The gay gene, lady brains) we propagate to the silencing tactics we actively and vigorously engage in as a group. I think it’s fair to say most of this blame should be allotted to the G and how we, undeniably and in typical male fashion, at the forefront of this movement, have totally lost the Plot.

Male supremacy is rampant, all the way up to the higher ranks of gay male activist. I recently had a conversation with Matthew Breen, Editor and Chief at The Advocate magazine, and the deputy Editor at Out Magazine regarding Michfest (I know, men talking about women space is tedious, and I apologize. I  do feel conversations like this must be had though when certain men, like Matthew, are perpetuating a rape culture where women’s boundaries don’t matter and expressing alignment with the oppressors rather than the oppressed. If we who disagree say nothing, we are compliant.). The “gay community” owes women and lesbians a HUGE apology as it stands. Why is Matthew, who is obviously a male supremacist in charge of an organization that is SUPPOSE TO BE standing with lesbians?  

advocate 3

3 thoughts on “Matthew Breen, male supremacist & Head of The Advocate.

  1. keep on keepin’ on. This guy will never get it, but public discussions like this IMO are important. And as a radfem very dedicated to feminism being a woman-run, woman-only movement, I still think Breen’s comment implying that you should just not be speaking on this topic at all (or that doing so is equivalent to speaking “for” lesbians and women) to be just stupid. Men know very well that men only really listen to other men; they don’t stop and take notice when women speak or when women have issues. It is men’s pain or men’s agency and speech that other men have any chance of responding to. Especially gay men like Breen. He’s just trying to shut you up with that trick.

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