Defending Homosexuality From ALL Forms of Homophobia

I have to admit that I’m becoming very frustrated as the sheer number of people who come to argue with me on my various social media outlets over homosexuality. A few years ago I would receive random private messages after commenting disfavorably on anti-gay Facebook pages, which I did here and there, and deal with the vitriolic homophobia most often under the guise of Christianity. This is, of course , not to imply that all Christians are homophobic, or even that all of their concerns about homosexuality are rooted in bigotry. I mean…have you actually read the Bible? Christianity is, like most if not all mainstream religions very steeped in patriarchal thinking and design. Of course they overflow with misogyny and homophobia, this is practically a given about most holy text, however, we do have freedom of religion here and it’s important that be respected in a sensible regard.  But no, the responses that I would received both publicly and in private were generally ill mannered and absolutely disgusting. Not all Christians are like this, but, at it’s heart, Christianity does advance patriarchal ideas and homophobia is a part of that. The same can be said of queer theory and transgenderism, and much like those many Christians, Several trans activist express homophobia and misogyny blatantly.

The homophobia that permeates in queer circles is uniquely different in it’s tactics , and yet fundamentally the same in the sense of the implication that there is something wrong with homosexuals for not adhering to gender identity when considering potential romantic partners, for which examples can be seen all over this blog. Time and time I again I hear from the trans community that , homosexuality, at it’s core, is a form of bigotry because it excludes people. Lesbians are excluding trans women (who are biologically male.) and gay men are excluding Trans men (who are biologically female.). Paying attention to sex is “hurtful” and just “shouldn’t matter” because to these people, we are living in a time that you can close your eyes and try hard enough, you can “identify” into all sorts of things, and somehow that magically will just make it so. And as such trans men are men, trans women are women, in a blink of an eye it can be done. Forgive us homosexuals if we reject this premise. I understand that men who claim to be homosexual may be having sex with trans men, but “claim” would be the key word here. Gay men, sorry, you can’t go around having sexual intercourse with female bodied people and still claim that you are a homosexual. My whole point here is that words have meanings, and it’s not useful to gay people or lesbians to blur the line and call heterosexuality something it isn’t.


It’s not helpful to lesbians to say that lesbians desire and DO  have sex with men:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.13.01 PM

What this line of thought does is erases the reality of homosexual men and women who have either by choice, fate, or any factor, partner exclusively with members of the same sex. Our life journey means something, the homosexual experience means something. We have always faced heterosexuals telling us that we have to be heterosexual, that lesbians should just “Try to find the right guy” or for gay men, “meet the right girl”. Queer people posit we can and should do this if said member of the opposite sex does that magic trick I talked about up above and just perceive themselves as a member of same sex.- and we are back at square one, heterosexual people labeling homosexuals derogatory words for simply being gay.

People can love and sleep with whomever they choose to, As I’m writing this I can see it being misinterpreted as saying  “you can’t sleep with ______ because you’re trans.” That’s not what is being said. What is being said that the word “homosexual” means something. It means something to be gay or to be lesbian. Identifying as a homosexual is offensive when we both know there are other words that actually describe you. Bi, Pan, Queer, all of these effectively describe what you’re doing, just like homosexual/ homosexuality describes who we are and what we are doing.

Homophobia hits at gay people from many angles, and we, as homosexuals have a right to draw lines in the sand and we have a right to say “No” to any theory that is harmful to us, or dismissive of who we are. Both of Christian philosophy and queer theory support the erasure of gays and lesbians. We must realize though, that this time, it’s people who claim to be us.



11 thoughts on “Defending Homosexuality From ALL Forms of Homophobia

  1. Great post. As someone who came out during the George W. Buh Era I definitely remember the homophobia that was and still is rampant in the Bible belt. To be honest though I find the homophobia from the Trans and queer communities to be far more offensive. They try to disguise their blatant disregard and disdain for gays and lesbians behind double speak that attempts to circumvent very basic truths. Same sex attraction is just that, an attraction to the same sex. They’re no better than the homophobes and misogynists that have been discriminating against us for hundreds of years.

  2. Another “argument” is that people are invalidating their identities/manhood/womanhood if they refuse to chose trans people as romantic partners. Do you understand what that means??

    Peoples purpose is to validate identities. That’s why you should chose trans people. Because it’s your responsibility to validate their current identity. Holy shit this is what narcisstics fuckers demand – not sane people people.

    • And not validating is a hate crime.

      If the loudest voices of the trans community don’t get a damn grip, I just can’t see this ideology having staying power. For decades, the individualistic Left has posited that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you; shine on you crazy diamond. But that’s not enough for the narcissists; now they get to behave in whatever way they damn well please, *and* everyone else has to cheer them on.

      I hate feeling like Republicans have a point about identity politics, but now I think they have a point. Trans ideology isn’t just about attaining legal rights and protections, it’s turning normal human reactions to bizarre behavior into thought crimes. It’s promoting individualism even at the expense of the public good; for example in allowing convicted sex offenders to transition and gaining access to more victims (merely the worst of all possible examples).

      I also can’t help feeling that this is the logical conclusion to the “everyone is special/everyone gets a trophy” culture that my generation was raised in. God forbid someone ever tell you “no”.

      • please don’t forget that flying into narccicist / embittered / entitled rage is a very gendered thing: MEN do it. Not women. The entitlement to sexual access to others’ (women’s, generally) bodies is completely a NORMAL part of masculinity and the male psyche and has been forever. it’s nothing new with your generation. It’s just taking on a new guise.

      • oops, meant to say “flying into narccicistic / embittered / entitled rage when someone says “no” to you”… the part about it being in response to a simple “no” is important.

      • narwhat — you have obviously never encountered a roid-raging trans “man” on an online kill spree to silence anyone who dares call “him” her. Women need to accept that fellow women are claiming to be “men” and behaving as appallingly manipulative and violent as any born male. Indeed within the gay male community the raging trans “man” who claims to be gay presents a dangerous trapped animal fury that is disturbingly insane. You either acknowledge publicy that the trans male vagina is a male organ or else you will be denounced as a Nazi/witch/pariah/rightwinger (as if such accusations still matter any more in this era where words have no meaning from overuse or from manipulating their meanings). I once read an online interchange where the infamous woman pretending to be gay man called Buck Angel showed her true colours as a testosterone-induced foaming at the mouth raging screeching maniac when told by other gay men that she was not a real gay man because she has a vagina and the “gay” men who had sex with her are actually bisexual and not gay — her insane fury at this was a classic example of Psychotic Episode 101, very common among self-proclaimed gay transmen when confronted with truth (another truth they allow but ignore is that many young males will indeed fuck anything and say anything to get access to this fuck — something “gay” transmen (being women) mistake for acceptance and human intimacy when it was nothing more than bedpost notching. Scale is the only difference between transmen and transwomen harrassing gays and women. The number of male gays is so small and the number of self-called gay transmen is even smaller — than the number of women being harrassed by men who call themselves women — but the trans phenomenon with behaviours of entitlement, magical thinking, bullying and rage are identical whether it is men or women being the “gay” trans.

  3. The problem with this argument is that it ignores lived experiences and the law. For example, a trans man who gone through the whole transition process, got a gender recognition certificate and obtained a new birth certificate, forms a romantic attachment with a gay man. They see themselves as being in a same sex relationship, the world at large sees them as being in a same sex relationship and they will experience homophobia as a result. If they are attacked the justice system will see it as a hate crime motivated by homophobia. If they decide to put their relationship on a permanent footing they will have two options: marry under the Same Sex Marriage Act of 2013 or form a Civil Partnership under the 2005 Act. The latter is not open to opposite sex couples which is what your line in the sand insists they are.

    • I assume you’re talking about the UK. How does current UK law preclude a transman/cisman marriage under any circumstances? Either they can be married under old, existing law which allows them to marry as an opposite sex couple or they can marry under the recent same sex marriage law.

      And how the state handles civil marriage has no bearing on the mainstream trans community shaming gay men and lesbians for their sexual choices.

      • Also, in my experience, the world at large doesn’t see them as being in a same-sex relationship. It’s all well and good if they want to see themselves that way, but, given the complaints I’ve seen about rude/uncomfortable questions (in the vein of “how can you stand having sex with his vagina?”), most people, even allies, do see a difference.

  4. Ah, I’ve been waiting for this moment! This is the perfect opportunity for me to COME OUT……

    **I’m a gay transman with a vagina! What a relief to FINALLY have an excuse for my unladylike cock-fantasies! Everyone knows that heterosexual women just aren’t like that, and if I had continued to live in denial, I would have been labeled as a non-conforming FREAK. Women aren’t supposed to like men in speedos, after all. That’s GAY. And now, so am I!!!

    So… do I get a special coming out cake with a male stripper inside?

    **according to twanz

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