Burning Bridges

My name is Justin, and I’m a transphobe. Now, one may ask, why ever would you be one of those? isn’t this group of people stigmatized and marginalized far too much as is? Don’t they face horrible conditions and increased risk for violence and harassment? Do you contribute to this?

I have this blog which is a gender critical piece of cyberspace. I run HomoSEXuals Not HomoGENDERuals on Facebook and I was recently doxxed and identified as a contributor or “member” of Gender Identity Watch. And no, I don’t consider any of my work around this issue to contribute to any of the above questions. Questioning the validity of gender as an innate feeling and thus a physical reality doesn’t make one a Transphobe. But apparently it does according to the Trans crowd, and if so, fine, hand me that moniker. I no longer care if I’m smeared by that word or not.

Never mind the several things I support in favor of trans people.Nevermind that I always speak out against violence directed toward Trans individuals. Never mind that I support ending housing and employment(with employment it’s at a “in most cases” category. As we have seen recently with the Lily Cade debacle*, Lesbian porn is an area trans women need to get their dicks out of.) discrimination, or that I support insurance agencies that cover trans needs such as SRS and HRT. None of this apparently means anything. What it comes down to is that I won’t tell a trans woman that they are female, and I won’t tell a trans man that they are male.

Women and gay men are told that our experiences are invalid and not as awful as what Trans people face and in the same sentence say that Trans inclusion would be a big win for homosexual people. Homosexual people whom they are more than willing to erase and make out to be bigots for actually being homosexuals.
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.08.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.09.18 PM

If you can’t see how this may be even somewhat of a problem for gay people I seriously question your so called ally ship to homosexual people. By supporting this you are not supporting lesbians and you are not supporting gay men. You are supporting heterosexuals with gender id issues forcing their way into gay spaces and history, while erasing our struggles. This isn’t support.

So, Hi, I’m a cissexist transphobe (by your standards). But let’s not forget what you are. Which is the same old homophobia and misogyny, this time presenting it’s self in the form of men in dresses and lipstick. Check yourselves.  You are making this Gay Vs. Trans with your off the wall demands and expectations. Everyday I see new people waking up and smelling the stench of what you’re peddling. These people are angry as they should be. You’re losing friends, not making them.

GLAAD is practically been taken over by trans women as has most of the mainstream gay movement. But don’t worry, the gay counter culture is still here despite the mainstreaming and trans washing of it, and it will prevail. Don’t start things you don’t want to carry through. Attacking lesbians and gay men isn’t something you want to do. The world is actually on our side when it comes down to it. Most people in the world understand that men are males and women are females. You may have duped Tumblr and a few brain dead progressives, but that’s nothing to brag about.

* On Lily Cade: http://therealpornwikileaks.com/lily-cade-gender-warfare-sexual-entitlement/

12 thoughts on “Burning Bridges

  1. Hi Justin: I am in a position where I feel all right about posting openly, so I’m undoxxable, but I understand that’s a kind of privilege. But also, doxxing people who aren’t being threatening is what is unconscionable, not doxxing transites who threaten violence against gender atheists.

    Thanks for “Homosexuals Not Homogenderuals,” I see you on my feed frequently.

    • Thank you Miep! I agree with you here. GIW outed abusive trans women, along with other abusive men and even women. I know some disagree with those actions, but I support people, and especially women who stand up for themselves and fight back.

  2. It strikes me that the issue of non-discrimination in employment for transpeople comes down to reasonable accommodation. (It’s also worth, in this instance, to point out that gender/sex dysphoria is a medical condition, and so applying ADA protections to transpeople seems appropriate; although I would guess the trans crowd would be highly offended by getting disability protections.)

    As such, there may be certain employment circumstances where employers have a rational basis for not wanting to employ a transperson for a particular role. For example, the TSA has policies of doing same-sex pat downs at airports. A transwoman TSA worker might prefer patting down women, but many women, especially women who have a religious objection to transidentity, would have cause to object to that. Reasonable accommodation would be to put the transwoman in a role without physical contact with any travelers, not to place her wherever she says she wants to be.

    Unfortunately, transadvocacy is reaching for a future where there are no distinctions made in accommodations between trans and cis, and I certainly have a problem with that, as I assume most people do. I think even most supposed allies haven’t completely thought through the full implications of, for example, forcing a rape crisis shelter to employ (or admit as clients) transwomen, and they likely have not yet been exposed to the “not liking dicks is bigotry” branch of the transmovement.

  3. Indeed, if “biological sex” doesn’t exist, what is homosexuality? Attraction to the other identity? How do YOU know what someone else’s identity entails? “Man” and “woman” don’t have to mean what you think it means, after all. “Homosexuality” — not wanting to have sex with someone because they’re a man/woman — becomes discrimination comparable to not wanting to have with because they’re a certain ethnicity. At least, these are all the implications within the narrative of “innate gender identity”. Are they not? Can someone convince me otherwise? I’m all ears…

    I’m straight but people in my very immediate family are not. I care about the implications of the innate gender identity narrative for everybody. Right now, it seems like taking the claims coming from liberal men (and I mean the “cis” men — I don’t really engage with transwomen’s claims) to their logical extreme means homosexuality is devoid of meaning at best, and a bigoted “identity” at worst. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe someone can disillusion me.

    – a man

    • By that logic, straight people are also “bigots” for not liking people of the same sex.

      Imagine 30 years ago, if the gay rights movement placed a huge emphasis on shaming straight men for not wanting to have sex with gay men. Can you imagine the outrage? The hysteria? Back then it was almost impossible to get the culture at large to view gay people as human and not as sex-obsessed, pedophiliac creeps. That transwomen can get away with flat-out advocating for sexual predation of women makes it pretty damn clear to my mind that most people (even or especially allies) actually view transwomen as men. In our culture it’s acceptable for straight men to harass and prey on women; it’s not generally viewed as acceptable for men to prey on men, women on men, or women on women.

      I think how hard people like Harvey Milk worked to get gay people accepted as human, and I find it hard not to feel outrage at how some of the most vocal members of the trans crowd see nothing wrong with flaunting their sexual predatory behavior in public.

  4. I just came here to say that while you are very reasonable, some of our own fellow travelers make us look bad. For example Joe Clark is an asshole.

      • maybe if ‘the right woman’ can introduce you to her hot cousin or brother Gary, who also happens to be a gay man it might be useful for you to meet a woman… but then only as a friend.

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