We Know Who You Are

There is something very intimidating about that sentence isn’t there? “we know who you are.”  If what has been happening to the members of Gender Identity Watch in the last few weeks could be summed up  it would be in that sentence.  Speaking from my own personal experience this isn’t fun, it leads to a sense of anxiety. I’m still worried that my current information may be released and what ramification that may have on myself and loved ones and can only be so thankful that so far I’m in the clear, for now anyway.
Yesterday I found out that something of an “Exposé” had been published online and , with the help of Sophia Daryl Banks (See last few entries) tweeted out this his 9000 twitter followers in hopes of inciting abuse and harassment against the people listed in the document. Of course, Banks, being the utter coward that he is also deleted the tweet which can be seen here:

I speculate that Twitter user with the handle Anon_redteam (previously thought to be Dana lane Taylor, who is, if anything certainly working with this person.) who has been harassing me for weeks is actually the person behind this. That person actually appears to be someone using the name  Kelsie Darko (A trans woman who claims to be intersex).


The information that Kelsie released, while mostly false about the people who are involved,  also contained numerous innocent women who have nothing to do with GIW. So while the trans lobby may act like this is a big win for them, this is exactly the kind of thing that proves our collective point. Trans women activist are the MRA. And just like the typical MRA who doesn’t agree with a woman, they go to extreme means to harass and out women who disagree with them.
Also, can I just point out that comparing women who know that trans-women are male to Hitler is a very offensive analogy? This isn’t surprising as Trans activist will walk on and over whoever else to advance their agenda that they are the most special snow flake ever who is the most oppressed of them all.
So….at the end of the day, I guess we know who each other are don’t we? I look forward to and hope for legal action to be brought against the responsible parties. While I have limited means I will work in whatever way I can to help those out to decide on this route, even if that just means my vocal support.  Take care.


24 thoughts on “We Know Who You Are

  1. I’m not afraid of those knuckle-dragging, gleeking troglodite basement-dwelling internet trolls in drag. Just so they don’t find my cellphone # and spam my txt inbox (cuz that would be hella irritating), keep the tumblr and wordpress death threats coming! I just hit delete without reading… Have they injured anyone or burned anyone’s house down yet? They’re all noise and no action.

      • Sorry for being a nimrod, I didn’t realize you wouldn’t recognize me or I wouldn’t have said that least of all here and like this. Somebody you trust will get in touch with you to explain. Apologies to all the wims I may have upset with my bumbling. I advise against publishing this, as wims may freak out unnecessarily. :/

      • You actually do, or I thought you did – and it’s okay, I’m one of us, and I’ve been on this shit for a while. Somebody you trust will contact you to explain. Sorry again.

  2. You claim you’re concerned about the ramifications of you and your loved ones when you don’t even blink about publishing the personal info or screenshots of people who are mere bystanders or aren’t directly involved. I love how you’ve publicized both who you believed wronged you as well as the meager commenters musing upon the situation. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • I can see that those people are complicit with the actions. Sure I will post screenshots, it’s public. Did they post screen shots of our information? No, We didn’t put it out there. they stalked and complied it into a neat little list. So, I’m sorry, but it’s not the same.

  3. Yeah, because someone literally JUST commenting is “complicit” as opposed to aware of your rap sheet which chronicles how you’ve outed and trolled numerous trans women. Now, you’re targeting and invading the spaces of others (cis women, trans women, and who knows else?) who’s crime appears to have been mere speculation. They’re only “complicit” to you because they didn’t defend you or just commented at all. You talk about “anxiety” and yet you have no qualms here. You say “they” when you’ve listed only two culprits. The commenters were irrelevant….but apparently complicit?

    • They are irrelevant, but supportive of this person’s actions. They happened to be part of the PUBLIC conversation I wanted to highlight. Get a fucking grip, It’s a screen shot- unlike the personal information that has been released by them.
      By the way can you provide me with my rap sheet? I’m officially interested, thanks.

      • “They are irrelevant but supportive of this person’s actions. They happened to be apart of a public conversation I wanted to highlight.” To what purpose? Because the status wasn’t enough and you needed to garner a crowd vote? How old are you? You’re CATHY BRENNAN, a notorious transphobe according to the interwebs and a frequent topic of discussion I’m sure. What’s got you so riled up now, gunning for everyone?

        “fear” for yourself and loved ones yet you’ve got no qualms about publicizing photos of the person you suspect is behind it all with their friend or loved one. Not even a crop of the photo focusing in on your main target. You can’t be too anxious to be doing that, involving people who’ve done nothing but existed within the author’s circle for shits and giggles. What did the people pictured or commenting do to you or your cause beyond speculation? What evidence do you have of their “wrongdoings” against you for you to indulge such an extreme? This is why I will never respect you, why your name and legacy will incite fear or anger instead of solidarity or womanhood: your indiscriminate vitriol and its endlessness.

    • Stick to the point. You’re also a frequent topic of discussion. Answer the questions asked, regardless of who you are. What justification did you have to be indiscriminate in your post?

      Suppose I pop onto your wall and screenshot your convos? Suppose one of your friends passes screenshots along to me despite your privacy settings? What of your loved ones and friends then? Right: they’re “complicit” and have wronged me by supporting or engaging you which justifies tossing their names out there.

      • I don’t say things I regret, nor do I engage in misogyny or homophobia online (unlike our subjects.). screenshot away. That’s different than releasing personal information. MUCH different.

    • This is not the first time I see a gender fanatic claiming that a gender critical blogger is actually Cathy Brennan. She isn’t the only person who has enough of your crazy and homophobic bullshit!
      How paranoid are these people?

  4. But you ENGAGE. Your name has been leaked which is “personal information” and has gotten you upset. You posted a PHOTO with the author and friend: what did they engage in their? What misogyny or homophobia was there? I think I missed that. Same goes for the commenters: where exactly is the misogyny or homophobia (or threats, or anything remotely of that nature–even specifically to YOU) in their musings? Oh, I forgot: it’s just misogyny and homophobia because you’ve deemed it so as you have their “complicity.”

    • If you read a few post back (you haven’t obviously, you don’t even know who you’re talking to.) You will learn that much more than just my name has been leaked. If you think a screenshot of a public conversation is on par with giving out the the personal details (employment, home addresses) of people then you have a seriously skewered view point.
      Where is the misogyny and homophobia you ask? How about trans women (males) trying to silence the thoughts of women who disagree with them by trying to provoke harassment? That seems pretty misogynist.

  5. “I don’t say things I regret” then why are you so antsy about this? Why were you compelled to make this post expressing anxiety and concern? Why not shrug this off with this supposedly unapologetic “I regret nothing” attitude instead of devoting an article to the author and their “irrelevant” musers? Why are you even concerned about personal information, the prospect of the author sharing it? If you regret nothing, what’s your problem and why should your loved ones or friends be a concern since they’d apparently be “complicit” and “supportive” of you by mere association?

    • I don’t regret what I have said. I abhor the fact that you and your team (since you obviously side with them.) try to, and do, release physically addresses and phone numbers. What’s that for? So people will come to our doors and enjoy Tea with us? No, it’s to incite harassment and abuse and we both know that.

  6. The fact that I take issue with how you’ve publicized these things does not ally me with any side. I’m not for releasing personal information. As for doing things to “incite harassment and abuse,” that’s dramatically ironic considering this very article, what I’ve taken issue with, and how you continue defending your stance regardless. You think the people you’ve screenshot and splashed all about AREN’T receiving harassment or abuse this second because of your article and team? You argue in degrees: “this isn’t AS bad as personal information” which indicates you acknowledge this. You posted this article to incense your audience and blindly demoralize those who you deemed slighted you in the least and we both know it. This was never about “justice” or expressing a legitimate concern (as it should have) so much as it was about bolstering your sense of purpose through implicating others, anyone.

    • I’m not going to bother with you anymore. you’re defending the aggressor here. Women and gay people have the right to say no to queer politics and speak about how it affects them without abuse. Try to abuse us and this is what happens. Get off it.

  7. The thing is. You out Trans women ALL THE TIME. INCLUDING TO THERE FAMILY’s.

    Well maybe NOT you. But people from this group. So any legal action yo do against Her, Can be returned onto you just remember that.


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