Mmmhhhh Potatoes

Ok, I admit to not knowing the origin story of the nickname “Potatoes” given to  vocal Trans activist, Sophia banks. But…it’s funny, and better yet, Sophia is funny.  You can find sophia waxing woefully on their twitter @sophiaphotos about the cruel world of cisnormativity cissies. Sophia does it with such passion for off the wall, bottom of the barrel ideas though that one can’t help but peak from under the cover of your hand clasped over your eyes.
What is this person going on about? I’ve seen multiple tweets from them, but yesterday one really took the potato cake:


  What kind of madness is this? the homophobia oozes out of this sole tweet that it becomes borderline comical. Is “Sophia Banks” merely a moniker made up to be a parody of trans activism? Is Sophia a comedian? A pratical joker? No. Sophia is real, and means the things that are said so crassly and illogically. If you disagree with Sophia you are of course just a nasty “TERF”. 
When you try to present evidence to others, they adamantly deny it, claiming that it was fake. and something that radical feminist just made up to slander Mr.Potatoes :

Instead of just acknowledging that it is a deleted tweet from a larger conversation:

I’m just surprised (well. not really.) that trans activist, and their allies don’t speak out against this sort of trans activism. At the end of the day saying conversations and viewpoints such as Sophia’s are bullshit will benefit everyone in this ongoing conversation about current trends in trans activism.



One thought on “Mmmhhhh Potatoes

  1. This is more of a reason why the “T” should leave the LGB. If calling yourself a lesbian is transphobic, then those all those heterosexual male-bodied transgenders who transition and say that they’re a lesbian trapped in a man’s body have internalized transphobia?

    Sophia also thinks that a black woman who grew up in the Jim Crow south is privileged over him. One of the commentators who showed up on gendertrender recently joined us because Sophia told her over twitter that she had privilege over him as a black woman. Talk about insanity because I sure don’t live on a planet where black women are privileged.

    Oh well, maybe they should just keep talking and hopefully more and more heterosexual women outside of alphabet soap groups will wake up and realize what’s going on.

    Meanwhile, I don’t care if my sexual orientation is “bigoted”. Also, I’m not attracted to the same “gender”; I’m attracted to the same sex. It’s really telling that their harassment targets are lesbians and occasionally gay men, but almost never straight people. On that note, I encourage anyone, regardless of sexual orientation to get far, far away from anyone who claims that not being sexual attracted to them is bigotry.

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