The Relentless Homophobia of Transgenderism

Gender Fatigue

Transgenderism is eventually, inevitably, homophobic.

Transgenderism is already the “cure” for homosexuality in Iran.

It is only a matter of time before the gains attained by the “Gay Rights Movement” with regard to acceptance of homosexuality is undermined by transgenderism, with its mantra that “genitals don’t matter.”

If genitals “don’t matter,” (let’s ignore the vile implications of equating lesbian sexuality to genitals), wither goes lesbians?

Witness the cotton ceiling.

Witness gender nonconforming lesbians classified as “closeted transmen.”

We see your homophobia.

We will not comply with your Lesbian Eradicating Transgender Agenda.

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2 thoughts on “The Relentless Homophobia of Transgenderism

  1. Thanks for this. I see through the bullshit and you bet I’m not just going to be silent about it.

    Ugh, and I’m not surprised that Laurelai Bailey is pulling that. The man sent death threats to me on tumblr for calling out his homophobia. He is a psychopath and he was convicted of pimping out his wife and he used to be part of a hacking group who he rated out to the FBI. Not that I approve of hacking, but I sure as hell don’t trust FBI informants especially him. I heard that he and his wife divorced, gee I wonder why. All the women who support him are fucking stupid and brainwashed. The sad thing is if this guy wasn’t claiming to be a trans woman the third-wave feminists on tumblr would report the shit out of his account for his stalking, harassment, and death threats.

    I told my mom not to support this because it’s used to “cure” homosexuals in Iran. The impression I got about transsexuals and transgenders being associated with the LGB is that back in the day most of them were homosexuals or bisexuals who had voluntarily or otherwise undergone SRS and remained friends with the people in the community. When I was in college, the LGBT group only had two transgender people who were heterosexual, one male and one female. But if you go to groups with older people, there’s a lot of people like Laurelai Bailey. I guess the affluent members of the community making money off of the non-profit organizations just don’t care as long as they get their ad revenue and their money from transgender people, even if they are taking over the organization and are supporting homophobic corrective surgery not just for gender-nonconforming adults, but for children.

    I think we should have our own organization for radical lesbians and gay men.

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