It’s been really disappointing in the recent week to see FB launch a seemingly full scale attack on Feminist and gender critical discourse at the behest of Trans Activist. Gender Identity watch, and Gender Identity Watch: Reloaded (Now to be found at Gender Dysmorphia Mafia)have both been removed from Facebook’s site for “hate Speech”. Because today “Hate speech” is going against a narrative that seeks to preserve heteronormative culture and gender norms. No one is allowed to state how gender harms them, and how gender is especially harmful to females. When women do choose to speak about this unique reality, they are met with the usual slew of death and rape threats, and even threats of doxxing from powerhouses in the LGBT community like The Trans Advocate, who recently threatened to out the females (and tellingly only females.) of GIW.  It’s in ways worrisome, due to the fact that there are men in positions of power that seek to have these discussions shut down all together.


Brielle Harrison is the person responsible for implementing facebooks 100 “Be the sPecHuList snowflake you can be!!” gender options. This is a man who very obviously loves gender and defines everyone by their gender. He is a man who wants to shut down women and homosexuals from speaking about the negative impacts of trans and queer activism.
A negative impact of trans/Queer activism is homophobia, where saying that you are gay, and that being gay means something will bring you responses like this. Us evil homo bigots.


No doubt things are not going to get easier, but I for one don’t intend to just keep quiet about it. Remove me from FB and I’ll be right back. The silencing won’t silence me, because I’m going to keep speaking. You can take your misogyny and homophobia and go home.

9 thoughts on “YOU TRANSPHOBIC POS!

    • What a fucked up article. Only saw one comment calling it for the guilt-tripping of gay men that it was and of course people piled on him and claimed that trans are oppressed victims being bullied by the gay community and who are you to call trans men female. Not dating me is oppression! The article is a sea of post-modern crap that tries to act deep by asking what is a man, woman, or gay or straight person and acting like the answer is a mystery even though it can be answered by reading the dictionary. Even conservatives who hate gays know the difference for fuck’s sake!

  1. Thanks to these brave gay men for speaking the truth. Lesbians have been catching hell for years for not believing that “women” have penises.

  2. Thanks to these brave gay men for speaking the truth. Lesbians have been catching hell for years.

    I wonder what they are going to call a FTM version of the “Cotton Ceiling”?

  3. Can we all just laugh at a straight woman telling a gay man who he should consider as a sexual partner? The fuck?

    Seriously, this is fucking crazy. How the fuck did we get lumped in with the T?

    More homophobic than conservative Christians. They just say we’re going to hell for being deviant.

    Trans says we *have* to become heterosexual or we’re bigots against them.

    How is this not peak fucking trans for the LG?

  4. And in other news regarding FB.

    I put a *trigger warning* on this post now because I will be going to write a nasty comment here soon.

    A Swedish group on FB who was called “vit makt negerslakt” which translates into “white power nigger butchery” was also sent complaints numerous times, FB did not remove it.
    In fact the only way to get this page down was when metro, sweden, phoned them and asked why the heck is this page up after you, apparently, have recived plenty of complaints ?
    The webpage is after that removed but others are still on FB without problem.

    I guess what FB means to say here is that women have no right to question gender or talk about women related issues, nor do others have the right to talk/discuss gender, but it is perfectly okey for white power groups to advocate murder on people of colour.

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