yes, I am against you!

Laura Jane Grace/ Tom Gabel, is the lead singer of a pretty shitty band called “Against me!” Not too long ago, despite being a father and in a traditional heterosexual relationship, Gabel decided he was a woman and started “identifying” as such, by growing out his hair, putting on more eyeliner and calling himself Laura Jane Grace. I didn’t have an opinion of him one way or another until he released his post transition album “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”.  The album cover alone will tell you what is both inside the packaging and well…inside the packaging.  It’s a black and white picture of a severed breast, the graphic screams the implication of ‘women as meat.’

Inside we get to hear great poetry in the form of lines like “You’ve got no cunt in your strut.”   He also seems fond of using the word “faggot” and rejects it as a label thrown at him, but doesn’t seem to reject the word itself. As a heterosexual man(he is NOT a lesbian.) he still feels the need for the distance. It’s an insult to him.
Now, when a sensible person fucks up and it’s pointed out to them, they take a moment to consider the problem, and will hopefully address it in a constructive and positive way. So what happens when a lesbian woman points out the misogyny is his lyrics and art work? She gets told to “get fucked”. When a woman mentions that she can (metaphorically) see his dick, his response is “suck it.”. Laura reeks of male socialization that he is painfully oblivious toward.
Trans women celebrate Laura though as an Icon for their struggle, in a similar way they celebrate Janet Mock who, in his jealous envy, calls females “fish”.  I don’t understand  this blind support of blatant misogyny.  How can you attest to be something you so obviously despise? Where are the trans women calling out these rabid trans activist? Why are you not calling out your own on their behavior? Because you agree with it? Because in the world you live in being called ‘him’ is worse that calling a female a fish? Worse than telling her to “get Fucked”? Worse then being told to “suck it”? Wake up to reality. Trans Activism is Men’s rights activism, and that’s all it is.

My attempt at conversation with Laura:

4 thoughts on “yes, I am against you!

  1. “Trans Activism is Men’s rights activism, and that’s all it is.”

    It sure seems this is true. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard a trans-activist tell a woman to “suck it” or even “suck my tranny cock” for the crime of calling him a him.

    As far as other, more sensitive and/or intelligent trans-activists “calling out their own” (it is, after all, a “calling out” culture), they do sometimes do this, but it is often half-hearted. That is, they’ll make an apologia on his/their behalf, by renaming their blatant misogyny as “problematic behaviour” and then excusing that “problematic behaviour” (i.e., woman-hating) on the basis of their righteous anger in the face of transphobia. Then they’ll go on to explain how mis-gendering leads to murder, or how it is actually akin to murder. So, yeah, they really do view calling a trans woman a “him” as as the most urgent form of oppression on Earth. Misogyny pales in comparison. In fact, in that strange trans universe, much of what women experience as misogyny is what the trans-cult calls “cis privilege.”

    Do you laugh or do you cry?

    • I’ve noticed some of the conversations follow a pattern. Hyperbole finds it’s way into the great majority as you mentioned. That very renaming of blatant misogyny is where I feel like most of the problem lies, it attempts to erase what is really going on.

  2. Thank you. It’s grating to see Grace get away with the same “ironic” use of slurs Stephen Colbert recently got pilloried for. Rock critics love this faux-edgy stuff, because Grace’s maleness is cloaked by transness, which makes it okay to them. I see no reason why it should be, but then Tumblr SJWs spew homophobia and misogyny cloaked in antiracism and “antitransphobia” all the time. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong, and no one should get a pass.

  3. There are a few trans women who’s blogs I follow who do call out that kind of behavior and don’t try to justify it. (This was actually how I first heard of this terrible person.) However, none of them are mainstream or famous and so their influence (like mine) is limited to a few people on the internet.

    All I will say is that the behavior of a lot of mainstream trans women reminds me of Bender’s behavior in that episode of Futurama where he got a sex change.

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