We can disagree without wanting each other dead.

I keep getting this “You want to see trans people dead” when I engage in debate on the subject with trans people, that ,or accusations that I’m essentially pushing them off cliffs by means of some sort of assisted suicide. However this isn’t the case. Obviously this isn’t the case…and it’s hurtful and disheartening that those sort of accusations are being made. I want to seriously challenge any trans person that may be reading this to find the hate in what I’m saying. I am really interested to know. Please note that not every answer is an acceptable one. Differences in opinion should not be interpreted as hate. I know that may be hard for some, lord knows the gay community as of late has the same issue. Not every disagreement is hate, and accusations of hate aim only to shut down others. I think this is something we all need to look into stepping away from. I think we can say for certain that there is a major difference between a klansman and a radical feminist , or a neo-nazi and a conservative Christian. Lets stop with the hyperbole.

  As stated in a previous entry, there is very much something killing trans people, as there is something killing gay people, as there is something killing women, as there is something killing everything on this planet. That something is men. By and large violent hate crimes are committed by men. The oppressor has a name- and so, it goes back to that root issue that’s causing us all agony and dismay. Once again, that’s a cause we could all try to address together, an end to male violence.

What is the common denominator here? WHO is doing this? :
tumblr/wordpress/facebook trolling(trolling and honest debate are different BTW) on people with different opinions isn’t going to change the world, it’s just going to reveal you to be an asshole. Claiming that a difference of opinion is somehow “killing you” is manipulative and offensive. Please stop this line of “debate”- because that isn’t debate that’s abuse.  It amounts to a collective “I’m going to kill myself if you…” from the trans community and to that, I really only have this to say:

6 thoughts on “We can disagree without wanting each other dead.

  1. Hey, saw you at Queerty and just thought I’d commend you for being a total fucking jackass, you cis fuck.

    I don’t want you dead, I want you to get a fucking clue.

      • I know it’s been over a year but I had to comment. I think you have to make peace with the fact that people today will have knee jerk reactions if you don’t agree with them completely and bend to their belief system.
        It use to be a time where we could at least agree to disagree and we could find a mutual respectful ground but times have changed. We can not even disagree anymore. I find it the irony with with liberals. (I’m not conservative. I used to consider myself liberal but not anymore.) Liberals used to say they were better than conservatives because they were accepting and opened minded. And they are certainly not. The transgender movement is a testament to that. When gay acceptance and marriage became more public there were there were bigots and there were people who did not agree. Back then you could tell the different. Bigots wanted gays dead, acted out violence, didn’t want to be in any contact with gays. Then there were people who may not agree with the gay lifestyle but at least agreed that there should not be violence or death threats and treated gay people with general respect.
        The difference between the groups were recognized. Today that is not the case.

        Articles like the New York Times Article “What makes a woman” did not call Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner out of their names, did not use derogatory statements towards transgenders, did not make threats. The article asked legitimate questions about what is considered a women. The trans community and their supporters cried out TERF and transphobic and cis privilege. It gotten to the point of not even disagreeing but just simply questioning will get you labeled a ignorant hatemonger.

        (Also those that transition are considered the ultimate traders. They have the worst!)

        It’s a nice sentimental that you want everyone to disagree without wanting each other dead but looking at this generation that not going to happen. I’m not saying lose hope but don’t get your hopes up.

        Thanks for the articles and keep posting

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