A hilarious claim I read often from Trans land. “But it’s my penis, It’ not a man’s penis!!!!” Avery Edison was another guy who loudly made this claim. Anyhow…For laughs:

Peak Stupid

Untitled OK, maybe @miss_sudo doesn’t have a man’s dick. He definitely doesn’t have a woman’s dick though because, surprise, women don’t have dicks.

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To Stop Dropping Crumbs

After recent conversations with others and further analyzing some of the terms we use around trans issues, I have made a choice. That choice is to no longer use the moniker “Trans woman”. The behavior of these people is unforgivable and I’m sick of words being forced into my mouth to accommodate the feelings of abusive men hi-jacking and appropriating  anything that strikes their fancy and then expecting the world to play along and for people not to get pissed off.
The gay movement, one that should center on sexual orientation, continues to prioritize men’s gender expression over the safety, sexuality and input from women, which is unacceptable. I am tired of a movement that I grew up admiring (perhaps naively.) turning it’s back on Lesbians and women. Lesbians and women who have spent a countless amount of time and energy giving to gay men, weather that be by the tireless avocation of safe sex practices for gay men, or speaking out in support of our sexuality, and what do we pay them in return? Allegiance to men who serve as a mockery of them? Allegiance to  men who spend there time telling women that they are cis-scum for being born into their oppression? Who joke about rape, taunt, defile and attempt to defame women including leaders of the feminist movement- women who literally fought and paved the way…and we are standing idly by, as gay men, sitting on our hands patting (mostly) heterosexual men on the back for calling our lesbians sisters bigots for not accepting that their penis is a female organ, saying that they MUST romantically engage with them, for holding workshops like The Cotton Ceiling: http://factcheckme.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/the-cotton-ceiling-really/
This is completely unacceptable and I implore gay men to actually start doing something about it, even if that just means speaking up.  Scream that this is wrong, scream that this is   homophobic, because it is! We are tolerating homophobia because it’s not directed directly at us. There is a time to stand up and say No. That time is now.
By calling them “Trans women”  we give them something that isn’t theirs, we give them “women”. This dropping of the crumb serves to fuel their argument with those “Aha gotcha!!” moments  in which they will say “So you admit trans women are a type of women…” But I don’t. I don’t admit that “trans women” are a type of women. I admit that “trans women” are male. from here on out when I make reference to trans people, the phrasing  will be “Men who claim to be women”, “Women who claim to be men”, “Men who claim to be Lesbians”, “Women who claim to be gay men.”  Or, for short hand purposes M2T and F2T for general reference. It’s time to stop humoring delusions.


yes, I am against you!

Laura Jane Grace/ Tom Gabel, is the lead singer of a pretty shitty band called “Against me!” Not too long ago, despite being a father and in a traditional heterosexual relationship, Gabel decided he was a woman and started “identifying” as such, by growing out his hair, putting on more eyeliner and calling himself Laura Jane Grace. I didn’t have an opinion of him one way or another until he released his post transition album “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”.  The album cover alone will tell you what is both inside the packaging and well…inside the packaging.  It’s a black and white picture of a severed breast, the graphic screams the implication of ‘women as meat.’

Inside we get to hear great poetry in the form of lines like “You’ve got no cunt in your strut.”   He also seems fond of using the word “faggot” and rejects it as a label thrown at him, but doesn’t seem to reject the word itself. As a heterosexual man(he is NOT a lesbian.) he still feels the need for the distance. It’s an insult to him.
Now, when a sensible person fucks up and it’s pointed out to them, they take a moment to consider the problem, and will hopefully address it in a constructive and positive way. So what happens when a lesbian woman points out the misogyny is his lyrics and art work? She gets told to “get fucked”. When a woman mentions that she can (metaphorically) see his dick, his response is “suck it.”. Laura reeks of male socialization that he is painfully oblivious toward.
Trans women celebrate Laura though as an Icon for their struggle, in a similar way they celebrate Janet Mock who, in his jealous envy, calls females “fish”.  I don’t understand  this blind support of blatant misogyny.  How can you attest to be something you so obviously despise? Where are the trans women calling out these rabid trans activist? Why are you not calling out your own on their behavior? Because you agree with it? Because in the world you live in being called ‘him’ is worse that calling a female a fish? Worse than telling her to “get Fucked”? Worse then being told to “suck it”? Wake up to reality. Trans Activism is Men’s rights activism, and that’s all it is.

My attempt at conversation with Laura:

We can disagree without wanting each other dead.

I keep getting this “You want to see trans people dead” when I engage in debate on the subject with trans people, that ,or accusations that I’m essentially pushing them off cliffs by means of some sort of assisted suicide. However this isn’t the case. Obviously this isn’t the case…and it’s hurtful and disheartening that those sort of accusations are being made. I want to seriously challenge any trans person that may be reading this to find the hate in what I’m saying. I am really interested to know. Please note that not every answer is an acceptable one. Differences in opinion should not be interpreted as hate. I know that may be hard for some, lord knows the gay community as of late has the same issue. Not every disagreement is hate, and accusations of hate aim only to shut down others. I think this is something we all need to look into stepping away from. I think we can say for certain that there is a major difference between a klansman and a radical feminist , or a neo-nazi and a conservative Christian. Lets stop with the hyperbole.

  As stated in a previous entry, there is very much something killing trans people, as there is something killing gay people, as there is something killing women, as there is something killing everything on this planet. That something is men. By and large violent hate crimes are committed by men. The oppressor has a name- and so, it goes back to that root issue that’s causing us all agony and dismay. Once again, that’s a cause we could all try to address together, an end to male violence.

What is the common denominator here? WHO is doing this? :
tumblr/wordpress/facebook trolling(trolling and honest debate are different BTW) on people with different opinions isn’t going to change the world, it’s just going to reveal you to be an asshole. Claiming that a difference of opinion is somehow “killing you” is manipulative and offensive. Please stop this line of “debate”- because that isn’t debate that’s abuse.  It amounts to a collective “I’m going to kill myself if you…” from the trans community and to that, I really only have this to say:

The conservative reality of it all.

When I was a very little boy I wore dresses, fake nails, make-up (if I could get away with it.) and played with barbies instead of G.I. Joes. My favorite things to watch were “Sleeping Beauty” and “Thumbelina”. I knew what all the other boys were into, and none of it appealed to me. I didn’t want to be rough, I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t want to get dirty, their dolls were boring and they acted gross.

My ultra-conservative family was concerned, while this wasn’t outright apparent to a child of that age,but when my “girl” cartoons starting suddenly disappearing, when I could hear one parent expressing disapproval to another over what toy was brought home, when more encouragement was mounted on me to do boy things, to be everything I didn’t want to be I knew something was up. One morning, I woke up very early and told myself that I was a boy and that I needed to act like one. While my parents slept I gathered up all of my toys and one by one threw them away. When they woke up I told them that I was a boy and that I knew this and it was time to be one. More “boyish” things came my way and over time, in a kind of survival mode, adapted to this role. It wasn’t a good fit though by any means. The first time I was called “faggot” was when I was in the second grade, then pretty continuously after that. I was a majorly bullied child through out both elementary and middle school.

High school was a more liberating time for me, my family had moved to an area with more diversity and maybe I would fit in a little bit better. I did. I found the theatre kids,. I was beginning to have the freedom to express myself a little more in an friendly environment with these people. There were gay kids there too though, and like our gay neighbors across the street I was disgusted by them. I grew up in a family where I regularly heard things like ” Why do good men have to die in wars? There are prisoners and gay people, why don’t we make those people fight them? they should all be lined up and shot.” So my aversion to gay people  was very much ingrained. I had not correlated yet that I was gay…no matter about daydreaming about male friends/classmates or any of that kind of stuff. I, growing up in this christian conservative household, thought of ways to cure gay people. Why couldn’t they be normal? Why couldn’t thy be just like everyone else? They could be, I thought…working with the typical gay stereotypes of the butch lesbian and the flamboyant gay man  and the idea of the top/bottom dynamic for both sexes I deduced that a sex change operation would do it.  They could even get married then! Honestly, from the mindframe that I had at the time that was a very easy quick fix option that I couldn’t fathom these people wouldn’t look into. Later on my Mother would ask me “Do you think you were meant to be born a girl?” which I remember years later because that question, thanks to a conservative community and society had been something I had given thought to for years. On one hand…yes. It made sense…I liked “girly” things and, like a(hetero) girl, I liked guys. On the other hand, my male biology had never bothered me. No, I didn’t think I was meant to be born a girl, I was born a male and that was obviously what was meant to be because it was what was.

So many gay, lesbian and gender nonconforming youth are pressured from parents and the world around them to think they are actually born in the wrong body. “Progressive” modern parents encourage their children by pandering to their make believe of “being a girl” or “being a boy” despite a blatant reality of what the child actually is.


Personally I feel the parent, being the adult in the situation, has an obligation to allow a child to grow as they are and to accept them for who they are, not who they aren’t. Kids make believe all the time. A child make believing that he or she is something other than what they are is not uncommon, and it can last for a while, this doesn’t make their make believe valid or a reality. It’s make believe. I can’t help but think that If I were born a decade later I may have fallen for all of this bullshit. It’s that pervasive of a narrative these days, and lets not dress it up as “progressive” in any way please. Trans theory is a conservative notion. Lets look abroad to other countries, lets look at the most conservative of countries and how they treat and cure gay people- with a sex change! Because if you are gay…we will kill you unless you conform.

Conservatives don’t mind trans folk. They are conforming…if a person “acting like a girl/woman” or “acting like a boy/man” then by God they are one! Because in Murica (and several other countries.) we know our places.