“Cis privilege” is just a tenet of male privilege.

“Cis privilege” is a fallacy in regards to women. No woman in privileged for being “cis”, No expression of “gender” affords a woman any certain privilege over trans individuals. If a woman conforms to certain molds of “femininity” then she may not be mocked for being butch, but people will still go on to mock her for that femininity that has been forced upon her. Women don’t have any privilege over men, and since this is the case, women can not be put into this category of “cis”.  So, it does beg the question, who is cis? Who has this privilege of gender doing them favors? Certainly not women. Men do though.
All men have male privilege in a patriarchal society, From the alpha male to the beta male, men still retain a privilege based on their sex alone, if not their gender expression. Where gender can be applied to give a male an edge over other men is hyper masculinity. When men conform to the male socialized gender role of asshole (to be frank.) and use aggression, intimidation, threats of violence, jokes about violence  etc. They are very much displaying a gender role that, when combined with their biological sex affords them an extra privilege over other men(and, it goes without saying, all women.), especially over men who may not conform to that conventional standard, and this includes trans women. The hyper masculine man, one who shows clear signs of male socialization, serves as the gatekeeper and enforcer of oppressive gender constructs.
Gender expression is more than just a look, more than just a style, more than just mannerisms, it is behaviour. Many Trans women ironically display full throttle male socialization when it comes to their interactions with “cis” women. Using intimidation tactics, demeaning, threatening, joking about violence against women, senses of entitlement, etc.  THAT is gender expression.

In conclusion: No, women are not “cis”- and if there is a such thing as “cis” then it belongs to men, and yes, that means trans women. Many trans women are “cis privileged” over females.
This is a factual assertion if we look at the recent and on going situations where women are being targeted for speaking out against the oppressive and repressive constraints of gender. From Lierre Keith to Julie Bindel- we are seeing a mass bullying from a certain sect of males and their allies of women. A great many of trans activist are misogynist, and misogyny is a paramount feature of male socialization.


3 thoughts on ““Cis privilege” is just a tenet of male privilege.

  1. Sorry, but I know some trans women, and I’ve not seen this behaviour towards me or my friends. I’ve only seen what I would call normal.
    “Using intimidation tactics, demeaning, threatening, joking about violence against women, senses of entitlement, etc.”

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