# TERFmonday…just wasting time

For a few days leading up to febuarary 17th there was some chatter in the trans community about #terfmonday, Shit was going to supposedly “hit the fan.” Several veild threats were issued that looked like an indication that one trans activist, Dana lane Taylor, planned to attempt to hack the accounts of people who disagreed with him, specifically women. Dana has since denied this claim, however tweets exist of Dana soliciting advice from hackers and promising revenge on “TERFs” whom Dana also claims are responsible for the deaths of 50,000 trans women. I’m sure something in most rational people is having a riot mass laugh attack right about now. yes, Radical feminist are responsible for the death of 50,000 trans women! Dana is of course talking about the unfortunate suicide rate of trans people, but…radical feminist being the one’s causing it? Honestly I’d put that up to transphobia (being gender critical is NOT transphobic BTW.)and them being, on some level emotionally unstable and mentally ill. You can’t pin that on radical feminist, it’s just disengenous. Never the less, this was Dana’s battle cry.

What #terfmonday turned out to be, however, was a hashtag where Trans women (mostly)could, in unapologetic male fashion, tell women(mostly) how wrong they were for not considering trans feelings, and for not putting trans needs over over the the needs and rights of female people. It was great to see though that there where people, women, men, and even a few trans people that called bullshit on what was going on. While the liberal/progressive way of thought becomes a growing trend , especially among the younger genrations,It’s a flawed way of thinking. Blue can’t be red because it feels fiery, so why are we going to indulge and humor the fantasy that it is? Moreover say that we never saw blue in the first place, that we saw red all along. In reality it’s a cruel practice to facillitate people to discard their bodies to physical change rather than seeking more thoroughly to encourage self love.
That’s not to say that I’m opposed to SRS, I think it should be avaialble, I think it should be more accessible, I simply don’t think it should be encouraged. We don’t go wrong with having the option avaibale, we go wrong in the encouragement. When we choose to take the self love approach , accusations of transphobia and cissexism abound. Things like #terfmonday happen. Instead of actually addressing transphobia, or real solutions for trans safety the trans community seems more intent on villifying women, radical feminist and gender abolishnist. Most of which, I think it’s safe to say, want nothing more than to see an end to male violence, and in such violence against trans people. But no…50,000 trans deaths are on our hands. Why? Because for us, people’s identities don’t take priorty over reality. #terfmonday came to an anti-climatic close with Bitch Magazine, in co-operation with Dana Lane Taylor releasing an piece that gender identity watch sums up best:


So #terfmonday…really…that was it? Yawn. When are we actually going to start working towards the safety of trans people while understanding the need for female only space? The fact that women are a vulnerable class around men (or, for clarification and if you reject ‘man’ then penised person.). We don’t need but to look at the news in the morning to see that male violence is an issue, can we blame women for wanting distance? No, we cant. We can respect that though. So really, this is aimed to any trans people who may be reading this- IF you really care about the safety of ALL people in this debate, advocate for gender neutral spaces. Stop with the “but that’s separate but equal!!” line, we all have spaces, lines have been drawn, respect boundaries. Go out and set your own. People would be willing to help. But don’t expect smiles when you feel entitleded enough to cross those of others.


7 thoughts on “# TERFmonday…just wasting time

  1. Typically I present socially more as female than not and really don’t care for excessive makeup so gender neutral restrooms work best for me. Safety concerns have always been a necessary priority which no one can credibly argue against, but my experience has been “OK I need to use the restroom. I don’t care which so long as I use the one I am expected to based on appearance” and with ID sex as female and appearance to match (six years no problems) I use the appropriate restroom. Regarding trans children though, being as though proper gender development is key to a productive adulthood in the gender they will be living in, I strongly advocate for gender-identified restroom access rather than gender neutral. Of course many disagree but not knowing anything about trans as a child, I kept to myself all K-12 and never developed gender social skills which I have paid for over and over. Trans issues though are understandably very difficult to understand from a purely sexual-preference point of view.

    Guys are cute and so are girls so this is probably why I am not tormented terribly for retaining some male characteristics. To be fair about the mental illness part insofar as depression, etc.in trans adults, my objective evaluation (even with a trans bias), is that it manifests itself primarily due to sadly compromised results from having gone through puberty “the wrong way”. Compromised results cause obvious social challenges which exacerbate all else and compounds. Add job loss or mistreatment and emotions, being as they are very fragile begin to be impacted. Emotions of course reside in the mind, which of course impacts the mind in negative ways if undue stress is present. The good and wonderful news from my viewpoint is that trans children are undergoing hormone treatment BEFORE puberty has concluded and allows for a seamless social existence in their identified gender, despite genitalia which of course is often the subject of much controversy

    • “The good and wonderful news from my viewpoint is that trans children are undergoing hormone treatment BEFORE puberty has concluded and allows for a seamless social existence in their identified gender, despite genitalia which of course is often the subject of much controversy.” It is difficult to see how this could be good news. It sounds like a major infringement upon the human rights of a child, and a risk to their future development. This phenomenon is evidence that gender–the social construct–is all-powerful, to be upheld at all costs, and that modifying a child to fit within the gender binary has become an acceptable risk despite all the unknowns. How can this not be coercive? How can this be ethical? Would it not be better for the child to be supported and appreciated against the gender binary?

    • That’s unfortunate that you believe this way. Children should never be raised via brainwashing into the Trans ideology. I understand that you felt wrong as a child and that you don’t fit in with the male crowd. That never meant that you were a woman. It did mean that your brain was non-Neuro typical, most likely, you suffer with Auyism spectrum disorder. You are probably a nice person, so people cater to your female delusion. However, you have bought into the Trans* lie that your brain is normal, and that it was just put in the wrong sexed body. To feed this ideology to a young and vulnurable child is a recipe for disaster. Children need to be told the truth about their mind and bodies. In cases where the child’s brain differs from the norm, they need to learn the truth. Knowing that there is a reason why you present differently than other kids goes a long way towards self acceptance, self love, and learning to love yourself “as is” in the body you were born with. (Please don’t reference me to the b.S. research on Trans* and the definition of GID, because I KNOW it is wrong).

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