Welcome to “Whoiscis”!

Welcome to “whoiscis”
In case you couldn’t tell by the following “who? No one.” This will be a gender critical, and trans critical blog. While everyone may have feelings and opinions that are very strong on this subject,, violent rhetoric will not not be tolerated, even under the guise of humor.
While most of this blog will focus on the skewred politics of gender “identity” , perhaps citing different topics relating to the subject in the media, it will also focus on some issues with indivdual trans people, or trans activist who are abusive, or harrassing towards other people simply for them not adhereing to the non-reality of their self-perspective.
This isn’t a space that intends to hurt, mock, nor propogate transphobia in anyway. Discrimnation based on gender identity IS transphobic. Violence and the promotion of violence against trans people IS transphobic. What this blog rejects is the ideology that understanding biology is “transphobia”, that women and men who have specific sexual orientations are “transphobic” For not considering a transitioner as a sexual prospect soley based on sex. All Opinions are welcomed here, but only reality matters. So let’s be real.

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