Trans trolling.

Grace contacted me once more wanting to clear up that she wasn’t Jessica. She posted a photo with her name on it, and the date.  Grace is a real person. Her behavior however was odd and raised suspicions, she claims to be a friend of Jessica’s.

After getting into several conversations on the on the “Running in to Running Out:Public Interest Environmental Law Conference” Facebook page, that came under attack when the conference Chose to invite Trans critical ,environmental feminist author, and Co-founder of Deep Green Resistance Leirre Keith to be their keynote speaker, it enlightened me to the workings of some of these internet trans activist. Of course I had read about these tactics of silencing in length, it was the first time I had actually witnessed the interactions between people who identified as trans and gender abolitionist, radical feminist, or anyone who objected to a reality based on perception being forced on them.

I’m a generally friendly person, who talks to many people from many different walks of life, so when a woman name “Grace Felicia Adams”, whom I share a few mutual facebook friends with, sent me a friend request I really thought nothing of it. She said she was a journalist, and we had a brief conversation about art. A few days later I commented on a post on the Gender Identity Watch, in which I stated I that often I find “transitioning” to be an internalized form of homophobia. “Grace” quickly sent me a private message, sarcastically telling me how clever I was, then went on to pull out the usual pseudo science talking points about “male brains” and “female brains”, and how there is proof that the brain of a trans person will be closer to that of the sex they think they are.What is always failed to be mentioned is that , yes considering the synthetic hormones that brain shapes may actually vary! There are effects to taking these drugs, and because the effect shows up, does not mean this is a naturally occurring phenomenon. I engaged “Grace” in the conversation, as I’m more than willing to discuss gender identity with people, but then Grace took a strange turn, and linked me to this link on Genderidentity watch:

And asserted that the subject matter, Jessica, was being subjected to an attack because, if you will notice in parenthesis, the name “Randy” appears. Like , most rational people, I assumed that ‘Randy’ was simply this trans womans birth name, “Grace” , insisted that it was a smear and meant ‘horny’. And that she had been insulted and attacked by the often maligned, Lesbian human rights activist, Cathy Brennan, whom she(Jessica) had never had a conversation with. Being an internet acquaintance of Brennan, I didn’t want to talk about her or anything that she had supposedly done. Grace wouldn’t give it up and linked me, for the second time, to the Jessica article. At this point something seemed very wrong. Grace seemed to be nothing but a mouth piece for Jessica, so, I decided to go through “Graces” pictures and notice that they were all actually of Jessica! I called Grace out on this fact which was denied, Grace stating that she was just a friend of Jessica’s, and was actually a “cisgender female” and an outsider to the situation. I then seeked some outside sources that would know better than I would, and INDEED! Jessica Robin Durling IS Grace Felicia Adams IS ‘That Transgender Chick”, not coincidently , they all claim to be “journalist”, which, I think may still all be just an “Identity” thing.

Grace never admitted to me that she was Jessica, but she relentlessly brought up Brennan, and even made derogatory comments about her on my wall, again, after I told her to stop. after I told her that was a subject I was unwilling to speak about, after I made it known that Brennan was FB friend of mine. I have unfriended her on FB, and am now spreading the word. Grace seems a little unstable:

Links to known profiles of whoever this person is choosing to identify as today:
Male account:

And…an awfully bizzare youtube channel:

2 thoughts on “Trans trolling.

  1. So THAT is The Transgender Chick! She and her two main disciples (on of them supplies cartoons for her fb page), are always at the ready to grab my throat, so to speak, on a fb page that critisises Boyd Burton/Fallon Fox competing in women’s MMA. As soon as he (TTChick) and his disciples jump in, it isn’t long before misogynistic filth starts flowing from their comments. It is most coincidental that after they comment, I end up banned from fb (they report it whenever I say they are men – is that hate speech? Fb seems to think so). Thanks for the heads up regarding Jessica/Grace/TTC.

    • No problem! The whole interaction was just so weird. I’ve seen them using misogynist slurs on the TTC page along with making fun of female feminist. I wonder, how can you claim to be (in this case a woman.) something you pretty much openly hate?

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