“Cis privilege” is just a tenet of male privilege.

“Cis privilege” is a fallacy in regards to women. No woman in privileged for being “cis”, No expression of “gender” affords a woman any certain privilege over trans individuals. If a woman conforms to certain molds of “femininity” then she may not be mocked for being butch, but people will still go on to mock her for that femininity that has been forced upon her. Women don’t have any privilege over men, and since this is the case, women can not be put into this category of “cis”.  So, it does beg the question, who is cis? Who has this privilege of gender doing them favors? Certainly not women. Men do though.
All men have male privilege in a patriarchal society, From the alpha male to the beta male, men still retain a privilege based on their sex alone, if not their gender expression. Where gender can be applied to give a male an edge over other men is hyper masculinity. When men conform to the male socialized gender role of asshole (to be frank.) and use aggression, intimidation, threats of violence, jokes about violence  etc. They are very much displaying a gender role that, when combined with their biological sex affords them an extra privilege over other men(and, it goes without saying, all women.), especially over men who may not conform to that conventional standard, and this includes trans women. The hyper masculine man, one who shows clear signs of male socialization, serves as the gatekeeper and enforcer of oppressive gender constructs.
Gender expression is more than just a look, more than just a style, more than just mannerisms, it is behaviour. Many Trans women ironically display full throttle male socialization when it comes to their interactions with “cis” women. Using intimidation tactics, demeaning, threatening, joking about violence against women, senses of entitlement, etc.  THAT is gender expression.

In conclusion: No, women are not “cis”- and if there is a such thing as “cis” then it belongs to men, and yes, that means trans women. Many trans women are “cis privileged” over females.
This is a factual assertion if we look at the recent and on going situations where women are being targeted for speaking out against the oppressive and repressive constraints of gender. From Lierre Keith to Julie Bindel- we are seeing a mass bullying from a certain sect of males and their allies of women. A great many of trans activist are misogynist, and misogyny is a paramount feature of male socialization.



In a patriarchal society, in an unbalanced dynamic, in this system, I’m an oppressor. As a white homosexual male my oppressor role may vary slightly from that of the average white heterosexual male, but it’s still very much there. My feelings don’t negate my class, nor does anything positive that I do as an individual person within said class. “But I…”  , “But to me…” etc. speaks to anecdotal experience, which, when outside ourselves in these conversations hold little to no value. I understand the urge and the intense desire to separate one’s self from the past/present and future actions of their class, but it can’t be done. This bed has been made, and we must lay in it, and acknowledge what has put us here.
MRA types often wax emotionally and pitifully about the woes of men. The male victim of the economy  , the male victim of domestic violence, the male victim of rape, the male victim of this, the male victim of that, the male victim of women(The major lulz factor here). But really, men are just the deserved “victim” of our rather loud reputation. The only way to dispel this reputation will be lifetimes of work by the majority of the oppressor class to overthrow all oppressive systems  that we’ve played our hand at ingraining and institutionalizing. To be fair to reality though, based on all evidence and all of the history we have, this may never happen. The odds are actually, that it will never happen. That’s not to say it can’t, but holding out too much hope can be dangerous and very counter productive.  Hope can placate us into paralysis, into blind faith, and we have work to do.
So I urge everyone who may be reading this(specifically people belonging to the oppressor class, and more specifically men.)…to take a moment and disregard who you are,to see what you are. I want you to see how what you are plays into the bigger picture and I want you to see what that bigger picture is conveying. Can you do everything in your power to help turn the tide? For men this means(in part) can you surrender yours? Can you do so without anything reciprocated? In authenticity? Can you listen? Can you be an ally? Can you just fucking care?
There are, of course, many problems with allyship. Half of the time being that the “ally” is being too loud, taking up too much space, derailing, focusing on themselves, or speaking for. This can be seen in almost any interaction between classes of oppressors and oppressed.While I suppose good intentions are always more appreciated than  negative ones, they mean little when it comes to impact, and you don’t need a cookie for them. Allies like cookies I’ve noticed, some reaffirmation that they are a good person, doing the right thing. I often think that I must come across the same way. The truth is though(and this may well sound pompous), I don’t like sweets and I don’t want your cookies. I say this as a man, I say this as a white person. Most of us should be enlightened enough to not need this pat on the head of reassurance.  I say should. Most often the “ally” will retreat at the first sign of friction back into the talking points of the oppressor class if they notice that their contributions are not awarded good guy badges, as if displaying decency was something to be awarded for.
For people who really wish to be people who are trying to make better, trying to, somehow through it all, make good, the best thing I can think to do is listen. Speak up if asked to, say nothing if it’s not your place to say anything. If you question if it’s your place or not, then it more than likely isn’t. If you do it will form organically and not feel forced. Apologize! you have privilege  it’s your responsibility as a privileged person to try your damnedest to shine a light on it. Don’t be offended when called out, don’t assume you are right, even if you really really really think you are. If you are speaking to someone conveying their experiences as a (fill in oppressed class.), you are not to question it. Period. Stop. The opinion of the oppressor doesn’t matter. keep your “But I..” and “Well I’ve nevers”, don’t waste your time, don’t waste theirs.  Listen to what needs to be done from the people who have been done wrong. Don’t assume you know exactly what that ‘what’ is. That’s not your call. But when you hear something, when you hear an answer…know that ,again, we have work to do on this world around us. Drop your defenses and get to work. Otherwise “allyship” is meaningless.

# TERFmonday…just wasting time

For a few days leading up to febuarary 17th there was some chatter in the trans community about #terfmonday, Shit was going to supposedly “hit the fan.” Several veild threats were issued that looked like an indication that one trans activist, Dana lane Taylor, planned to attempt to hack the accounts of people who disagreed with him, specifically women. Dana has since denied this claim, however tweets exist of Dana soliciting advice from hackers and promising revenge on “TERFs” whom Dana also claims are responsible for the deaths of 50,000 trans women. I’m sure something in most rational people is having a riot mass laugh attack right about now. yes, Radical feminist are responsible for the death of 50,000 trans women! Dana is of course talking about the unfortunate suicide rate of trans people, but…radical feminist being the one’s causing it? Honestly I’d put that up to transphobia (being gender critical is NOT transphobic BTW.)and them being, on some level emotionally unstable and mentally ill. You can’t pin that on radical feminist, it’s just disengenous. Never the less, this was Dana’s battle cry.

What #terfmonday turned out to be, however, was a hashtag where Trans women (mostly)could, in unapologetic male fashion, tell women(mostly) how wrong they were for not considering trans feelings, and for not putting trans needs over over the the needs and rights of female people. It was great to see though that there where people, women, men, and even a few trans people that called bullshit on what was going on. While the liberal/progressive way of thought becomes a growing trend , especially among the younger genrations,It’s a flawed way of thinking. Blue can’t be red because it feels fiery, so why are we going to indulge and humor the fantasy that it is? Moreover say that we never saw blue in the first place, that we saw red all along. In reality it’s a cruel practice to facillitate people to discard their bodies to physical change rather than seeking more thoroughly to encourage self love.
That’s not to say that I’m opposed to SRS, I think it should be avaialble, I think it should be more accessible, I simply don’t think it should be encouraged. We don’t go wrong with having the option avaibale, we go wrong in the encouragement. When we choose to take the self love approach , accusations of transphobia and cissexism abound. Things like #terfmonday happen. Instead of actually addressing transphobia, or real solutions for trans safety the trans community seems more intent on villifying women, radical feminist and gender abolishnist. Most of which, I think it’s safe to say, want nothing more than to see an end to male violence, and in such violence against trans people. But no…50,000 trans deaths are on our hands. Why? Because for us, people’s identities don’t take priorty over reality. #terfmonday came to an anti-climatic close with Bitch Magazine, in co-operation with Dana Lane Taylor releasing an piece that gender identity watch sums up best:


So #terfmonday…really…that was it? Yawn. When are we actually going to start working towards the safety of trans people while understanding the need for female only space? The fact that women are a vulnerable class around men (or, for clarification and if you reject ‘man’ then penised person.). We don’t need but to look at the news in the morning to see that male violence is an issue, can we blame women for wanting distance? No, we cant. We can respect that though. So really, this is aimed to any trans people who may be reading this- IF you really care about the safety of ALL people in this debate, advocate for gender neutral spaces. Stop with the “but that’s separate but equal!!” line, we all have spaces, lines have been drawn, respect boundaries. Go out and set your own. People would be willing to help. But don’t expect smiles when you feel entitleded enough to cross those of others.

Beyond Identity

It seems to pain many people that gender is nothing more than a social construct. It’s more than likely because many of the people upset need gender to build their individual identities. Gender, to them, is the defining aspect of the human experience that they are on, the “innate” feeling of being male or female, life around that built accordingly. But wait…rewind, on the topic of gender why did the biological terms “male” and “female” even come up? this is,when in conversations with Trans people, or their allies  where the switch just gets flipped off. The consistent conflation of gender with sex. This one little launched wrench often throws any dialogue into a full spin. So, again, to reiterate, Sex is not gender. 
Gender, is an oppressive tool of a patriarchal culture, that is intent is programming females to be passive, and males to be assertive,and really relies on that in a sense to perpetuate it’self. If women don’t stand up,what’s to worry about? What better way than with gender social programming ? Why should this system be the determination of who all a person can or could be, Why should this system, which aims to stunt more than half the population be herald the indicator of identity? Personal expression should not be policed, and it certainly shouldn’t create a hierarchy, but that’s exactly what it’s ended up doing when we divide gender expressions and only deem a set of expression as female, and another set of expression as male, both completely separate from the other. It’s problematic, because human expression is in all of us, and we all share that. That expression in reality, isn’t divided by sex.

     The trans narrative has labeled it’s oppressors as “cisgender”, meaning that, essentially our bodies align with our gender identity. Anyone who isn’t trans is “cis”.  Cisgender people supposedly enjoy a variety of privilege that Trans people do not have, because cis people are obviously male or obviously female, and present in stereotypical fashion. A good question to ask in response to lines like “I’ve always felt like a man/woman.”, would be “What does it feel like to be a man/woman?” The answer always tends to relate to gender expression. It’s actually impossible to know what it feels like to be the opposite sex, because,quite simply, we are what we are,and we can actually do most anything we want with that. Our identities are inside of us, and that, in a world without gender, would naturally align with our physical selves.