A few people have told me that I’ve been quiet lately. It’s true. I occasionally go on twitter and facebook, generally just to post something unrelated for what I’m “known” for. I treat my Birthday as my new year, so any resolutions technically go into effect on that day, and this year I just want to do more, but not in the way that many may think.

I use to write poetry, I use to draw, which made me happy. I use to have a deeper appreciation for dialogue and conversations that now easily annoy or bore me. I think this is latter is the result of the burnout I’ve felt for much of this year. I grow weary of all of the arguing that I do online with strangers. I’m tired of dealing with people so angry at my opinions, I’m tired of giving them any of my energy.

I want this to be a kinder and gentler year in all ways possible. A part of that is to work a lot on myself and how I react to, and let these little online encounters with trans activist affect me. A part of this is to look critically at how I approach the topic, is what I’m saying relevant? Is it un/intentionally mean spirited? How can I approach all situations and conversations with more empathy for who I’m talking to or about? And how can I balance that with my arguments, which I understand are hurtful to a few people. How can I minimize that pain while remaining steadfast in my convictions? without budging? I always feel like I can explain myself well enough, but when attacked I want to be able to deflect better. I use to go the route of extending kindness, but I simply grew irritated at how often that kindness was shit on. You can’t always shut them up with kindness it turns out, they will hate you anyway. ultimately it’s best to just not invest in the opinions, good or bad, of strangers.

There is a lot going on in this world of ours, and there is only so much one can do, but I want to try to do more. For the last couple of years or so I’ve been so focused on a singular topic. I think I’ve essentially said everything I have to say about it, and I have a calling to speak about other injustices/ problems/ topics here in my home state, my country and worldwide. All of which leads me to this…the last post on Whoiscis. Thank you all so much for reading this blog over the past two years. Much love my friends! See you around!

Trans people have federal protections gays and lesbians don’t.

It’s becoming increasingly common to see a loud stream of ramble rousing from the trans community in regards to their rights. Trans rights headlines are quickly replacing gay rights headlines. We are being flooded with individual’s stories emotion provoking plights. It’s emotional manipulation, but as the gay community knows, that is an effective tool.

Trans activist are screaming that “The fight is not over!” and “Don’t forget the T!” lamenting how they feel that gay men and lesbian women have reached their goals.  How that gays and lesbians can now openly serve in the military (Oh boy, more bodies for men’s wars!) How DOMA was struck down. How marriage is now a right for same sex couples. I often see gay and lesbian people being told to take a seat because trans people have something to say, after all they just have it  SO. MUCH. HARDER. I mean…people look at them funny when they go into spaces designated for the opposite sex, and they of course, wrongly receive abuse for their gender non conformity (As if gays and lesbians haven’t been gender non-conformist for ages.).

Bullying is wrong, I don’t think that assertion is an emotional plea, and I’d be hard pressed to believe that anyone would advocate for the bullying of anyone, unless one is a bully themselves, and yes, to be honest, there are plenty. I think that a version of bullying is to take space away from people with legitimate concerns and force those people to center you. The trans community employs this bullying against female people first and foremost with the huge male (trans women) push to invade any and all female spaces (bathrooms, locker rooms, women only events, women’s sports, dyke march, even women’s prisons.) and secondly it’s directed at the lesbian and gay community from sexual coercion to this narcissistic Me me me attitude.


While the Transgender community would like to play the most oppressed and the most victimized out of all LGBT alphabet, you will rarely hear them mention the fact that transgender people have federal protections never afforded to gays and lesbians. They are federally protected from employment discrimination under Title VII

A trans person (That is a person of a certain biological sex who attempts to present and live as the opposite sex.) can’t be fired for their gender expression. This is great. I’m behind that 100%.I don’t believe that trans people should be fired from their jobs for being trans. it goes against everything I believe in. However to have the trans community continuously berate the gay community for not centering their bathroom woes to their satisfaction, or focusing on the “large” number of trans people murdered this year (seemingly overlooking the fact that 100’s of actual women have been murdered this year. without an inkling of that outrage.).


So while Trans people rightfully enjoy employment protection, it is important to point out that is an achievement they have made on the coattails of gays and lesbians who still don’t have that much needed protection.

From the article linked below:

“A Missouri man who was fired from his job for being gay, after allegedly enduring seven years of harassment at work before the dismissal, is not going to be able to sue for discrimination.

A 2-1 decision in the Western District Missouri Court of Appeals ruled that the state law that protects against discrimination at work only covers gender-based issues.”

So the next time a transgender person or their ally wants to tell you how bad they have it, be sure to remind them that as a gay or lesbian person, you are still at risk for being fired and employment discrimination is a little more relevant than sideways looks one may receive in a public restroom,

I will Be on Transition Radio Tonight live at 9pm Mountain time.

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We Are Homosexuals Not Homogenderuals

Shortly after posting evidence of Sherrie larch’s new found ties with Trans activist my facebook page, “Homosexuals Not Homogenderuals” was removed due to the reporting of that specific post.  As I’ve stated in the past, I intend to keep this page going, though I’m disheartened that everytime we are around 1,000 the page is removed by Facebook. Oh well, the page and myself refuse to be silenced on this topic and we will relentlessly continue. Do your best.

Our new facebook page will be located here:

Please like the page and spread the word.

Sherrie Larch reaches back out to Trans Activist.

Sherrie Larch was involved with The Terf Tracker, and various trans activist projects before defecting from those groups after the outing of one of her associates, Allison Woolbert, as a child rapist. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, foolishly, but now, about a year later…she reaches out to trans activist to bring down Gender Identity Watch.


Jim Fouratt

For a few months I’ve tried to arrange an interview with Jim Fouratt of the Stonewall Riots, and one of the founding member’s of The Gay Liberation Front, to no avail. We talked about it, but he never got back with me on the topic of an interview and the last thing that I want to be is one of those annoying people who badger others. Jim and I are facebook friends, which is an honor in it’s self, to be privy to his insights on a matter of topics. From unfiltered truths about the reality of what happened at the Stonewall riots, to the dangers of new HIV suppressant drugs such as prEP and Truvada, Jim always has something sensible to say, which is a growing rarity in the mainstream LGBTQ+ community, and as such Jim Fouratt is a controversial figure.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.58.52 PM

Included in this post are links to interviews, as well as FB screenshots of Mr. Fouratt’s own words on a few topics. I feel Jim is especially important as a homosexual male figure to look up to in a world full of Dan Savages.

Jim Fouratt on the concept of gender & gender identity:


Jim Fouratt on trans children and bathroom access:


Jim on homophobic and lesbophobic Trans activism :


Here is a link to a long interview that was conducted with Mr. Fouratt in 2006 from the ACT UP oral history project:

Click to access fouratt.pdf

The Faces of Jim Fouratt:

Here is Jim’s appearance on the Popular “The Colbert Report” where he credits a lesbian woman really starting The Stonewall Riots despite the popular Sylvia Rivera myth. According to Jim and other gays and lesbians present, Sylvia wasn’t there the first night of the riots, but played a smaller role than what is historically reported.:

Additional interviews:

Jim interviews Barney Frank:

As stated Jim’s positions have caused outrage in the community, most notably are the accusations of transphobia because of Mr. Fouratt’s no non-sense approach. Here are some articles written by raged detractors. These articles are not endorsed by this blog, but are being posted as evidence of what happens when one strays from the current “politically correct” format on discussing gender and gender ID:

Thank you Jim for being a hero and an inspiration!



Seemingly the word “homosexual” is becoming known as an offensive term, as most people are now using “gay” and “lesbian” to describe themselves, and of course there is “Queer” which is becoming very accepted in circles.  I don’t mind “gay” at all, I use it about as often as I use homosexual actually, but isn’t it just a synonym for homosexual? “Lesbian” is unique in specifying the sex of the homosexual person as female, so in this conversation that word is the wild card.

I’ve heard the complaints about the word, how it’s cold and pathologizing, to which I agree and disagree. I see trans activist make the same complaints about biological sex, to which I also roll my eyes. Yes, it’s clinical, it’s a scientific term, as such one I find amoral. the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM in 1973, stating that “homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgment, stability, reliability, or general social or vocational capabilities.” After it’s long campaign to “cure” the homosexual. I understand how some could associate the word with a pre 1973 world. I also understand that the word is still popular with our main detractors, the religious conservatives. But none of this comes OF the word, it’s just a part of the words history. The word, like who we are as gays and lesbian, isn’t the problem, the problem has simply been built around both, and as we’ve seen, with any new descriptor we label ourselves with, the stigma is bound to follow. “That’s so gay” anyone?


I suppose one of the things I find most offensive about making the term “homosexual” an offensive term is that the word “Queer” has become so popular and held in such a high regard. Why the double standard here? I find “Queer” to be infinitely more offensive than “homosexual”. It’s an umbrella term (filled with *many* sparkley heterosexuals.) that is a derogatory slur in use today, but our knees want to jerk at an accurate scientific label? I mean…is part of why it’s offensive in 2015 is that it relies on the concrete reality of biological of sex? That the mainstream LGBTQ movement finds that concept  archaic? SMH! Homosexual FTW!

What a Wonderful Time

What a wonderful time it must be for the rich and privileged male folk of the world, to help seal women’s equality, not by standing down and putting women in their powerful positions, but simply by calling themselves “woman” while they occupy these positions. The highest paid “female” CEO in the united states, Martine Rothblatt, who is counted statistically as a woman, isn’t a female at all, but rather a trans woman who transitioned late in life, on top of all that good fortune and decades of male privilege it took to get there. What better way to balance the scales without conceding any actual power or status? We can all just merrily pretend like social justice is happening, especially when it happens for men.

Earlier this week former Olympic Icon turned c-list celebrity dad, Bruce Jenner, unveiled themselves after months of speculation about both Jenner’s gender identity (which an interview with Diane Sawyer a few weeks ago cleared up, Bruce indeed was identifying as a woman, but wanted to retain the name “Bruce” and he/his pronouns…and Bruce was also very adamant that you know he isn’t a homosexual, he is heterosexual, in that he still wants to only date female people.) and after that confirmation where he was going from there. Fast forward about 2 weeks later and we have the cover of Vanity Fair re-introducing Jenner to the world as Caitlyn. Caitlyn Jenner, the poor soul trapped in a life full of the most absolute of privileges. The oppression Jenner must of felt when the Olympic Medal was placed over his neck, one can only imagine. All of that money, all of those sponsor ships, those wives, those children, those opportunities, it was all just too much, and so, in his 65th year, after the achievements had been obtained it was time to step out. Bruce never existed, he was always she, she was always Caitlyn Jenner. And the world cheers.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.55.32 PM

Over the past few days I’ve seen most people on social media praising Jenner in a slew of uncritical support for an anti-gay and anti-woman, rich, white republican. Much of that coming from the LGBT community and it’s allies, a community that Jenner has thrown under the bus for his entire life. It’s really nauseating to witness such fan fair for someone so undeserving of it. I’m curious as to what the reaction would be if Sarah Palin made a decision to become a man, I can promise it wouldn’t garner the support Jenner is enjoying. Of course there are a slew of good, but unfortunately conservative based articles that question this sensationalist spectacle, while the liberal media creams it’s pants in masturbatory celebration.

I’ve lately even seen a few people that I consider good friends jump to the defense of of both trans politics and Jenner. These aren’t my gender critical Facebook and Twitter peeps, these are real life, in the flesh people that I consider friends. It’s disheartening in that I think they still can’t separate that politics aren’t individuals, but that individuals have something to do with politics. That it is more the narrative that being advanced that is the issue, and not the personal lives of trans people who are not activist, who are not rich and privileged, who are not being celebrated,who just want to live their lives free of harassment and hate, which I think is something most people with a brain and heart can support. These are friends though, that have bought the concept of cis privilege (a political concept.) and once that happens, is there anything that can really shake one out of that? I think a few beds may have already of been made, and that’s fine, people are allowed to disagree. But I’m allowed to think that they perhaps still haven’t actually thought everything through.

For example, I think that many people actually believe that sex is a mutable characteristic, that it’s fluid and something that can be changed, when in all actuality it isn’t. I’m not sure if these individuals are aware that immutable characteristics are often utilized to establish human rights laws and legislation. A big portion of the current debate on homosexuality is if it’s an immutable characteristic, and if it isn’t the rationale (one I disagree with.) seems to be “Then who cares.” How are we going to promote the liberation, or even the equality of a class if we strip away what identifies the class? If being a female is a feeling, a feeling that people like Caitlyn Jenner have (and that is materialized by embodying stereotypes of women.), then is being a female just a feeling + long hair, a corset and some make up? Is being a male just a feeling + a baseball cap? Let’s thrown our hands up and disregard reality, we can do whatever damn well we want! It doesn’t matter!

But the sad truth is that it does, especially in a world so rife with inequality. We must be able to identify classes of people, to identify who the oppressors are and who the oppressed are, without knowing this dynamic any positive progress is surely at a stand still. And what a wonderful world it must be for those on top to cloak themselves with the emperors robe of invisibility and feed you the line that it’s progress.